Top 8 Tips on Getting Over A Breakup Relationship

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Today am going to discuss with you the most common issue that has been lingering in almost every relationship even marriages. Breakup however you may call it has become order of the day and has even caused many young ladies and men alot of heart attack to the extent that some took their own lives as a result of finding it difficult to recover. I will advise you read with patient as you will see many tips that will help you on how to get over a breakup with someone you love. However, still try to recover the relationship. See fixing broken relationship for more details on how to recover broken relationship

Feeling Empty After A Breakup

Of a truth, when you go into any relationship, you and your partner have expectation from each other. Maybe we want to spend the rest of our life with the partner, or maybe we are planning about something we can do together in the future. Everything in the future is all about “us”, everything in “our” future is positive. And when you see that what you have planned is about to be trash in the dust, you definitely become empty

What to Do After A Breakup With Boyfriend or Girlfriend

When the relationship ends suddenly, the commitment and the promises are broken. Our future becomes uncertain all of a sudden. There is also a strong emotional fallout. We are forced to give up something we used to believe in so strongly. And we are forced to give up something we treasure most. But the question is, must you kill yourself because is not working? No! If is not working, is never gonna work so suit yourself and move ahead. Most people believe that it takes more than three to four months to get off your ex-relationship. While some even believed that it will be difficult for them to get off and as a result they took their own Life. Un un, what a wasted life. But, let me ask you this question, you want to take your life because you breakup with your spouse, fiancee or fiance? What happened to that person that makes you want to take your own Life? Him or her will continue with his/her life and meanwhile you are dead and if you can see from the spirit world that is if there is any! You will see that the person you died because of what he/she did to you is living happily. So who lose?

How To Get Over A Breakup Fast

To me getting off relationship is not a big deal. Yes is not! Because if who you breakup with can live happily then why can't you? Perhaps, you are not the only one that was in the relationship so accept this fact and move ahead. With or without him or her, life goes on!!! To avoid your relationship from breaking up check making a happy home In this post, am sharing with you top 8 tips you can use to get over any breakup relationship no matter the number of years you have spent. 1. Accept the fact that you are not meant for each other The truth is bitter but is good to say it. Most times we go into relationship because of the guy is handsome, the girl is beautiful and we do not care to know if the person is meant to be with us. When you are in a relationship that you both are not meant for each other, trust me up and down will always come in. So if you Breakup and find that recovery is not working, zero it in your mind that we are not for each other. 2. Believe that the relationship ended for good When a relationship end, just take it that the relationship ended because one of you needed his or her freedom. Stop wasting your time asking questions was the fault from me, wondering what lead to the breakup, or blaming your partner. Accept that the relationship is over, and now, you have a fresh start to do it right next time. 2. Get over it gradually You are not in the relationship anymore, but you don’t have to get over it right away. You cause yourself more harm if you push yourself too hard to get over your breakup relationship. Everything takes time to heal, and bad relationships are no different. 3. Avoid holding grudges Regardless of what happened to end your relationship, don’t hold a grudge. Everyone makes mistakes, and when emotions are high, people will get hurt. Don’t hate your ex forever and tell everyone that he or she is a bad person. Don’t let your ex have that kind of hold over you anymore. Let those negative feelings go and be thankful for the lessons you have learned instead. Embrace the possibilities of future love and happiness. 4. Rediscover who you are In every relationship, there is this certain fact that you will want to satisfy your partner no matter what. How? By avoiding things that he hate, cooking his or her favorite meal and avoiding friends that he dislikes. And now that the relationship is no more, these are the things that should give you more edge to speed up your recovering. How? See all these as your favorite that he or she denied you of. Cook the favorite meal that your ex hated but you love. This is the perfect time to analyze who you were before, who you were with your ex, and who you want to be in the future. You’re single and you’re healing from a breakup – it’s all about you! 5. Have more fun with your friends When you are in s relationship, gap will start to come in between you and lovely friends because now you have to spend more time with your partner in order to keep the relationship sweet and easy going. And, trust me, you might spend less time with your friends as you enjoy your partner more and more. Now that you are single again, means you can have quality time with your lovely friends but not talking about your experience in the awful relationship you were. 6. Love your hobbies and passion more Due to spending so much time with your ex-partner, you may have lost interest on most of your hobbies and passion. You may have exchanged reading a book in bed at night for pillow talk. Did you stop making jewelry to sit on the couch and watch your ex’s favorite movies? Use this time to rediscover your hobbies and become more in tune with the person you once were. 7. Take a walk when the thought is coming When you sit alone and see that your mind is about to be cluster with the bad experience you had why in your ex-relationship, you should take a walk probably juggling in a field. Nothing take away hot memories than this. Remember an idle mind is the devil's workshop them say. So walk away the hurtful memories each time they try to surface. 8. Recognize your self worth: you’re always amazing and you deserve real love. This is the most important tip of all. Your relationship may have ended, but you’re not a failure because of that. Everyone has stories of failed relationships, and everyone gets past them. Just remember that you’re an amazing, interesting person. One relationship might not have worked out, but there are many other people out there just waiting to meet you. Get excited by the possibilities!

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