Power of Thanksgiving

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The power of thanksgiving has been neglected by many. But understanding power of thanksgiving or showing appreciation over something sometimes proves to the person involved especially God that you are grateful for what he has done for you and will motivate him to do more. In all stages of your life, you need to show appreciation or vote of thanks to whom ever it may concern big or small. Do not conclude because you have greeted him or her the first time that should be the end no, continue to show signs that you are still remembering what he or she has done for you and always feel thankful whenever you are around the person. At times, we let our problems to pierce into our hearts and eats up the good times that we have had to the extent that you might forget the ones that were good to you before but because they couldn't render help presently, you mark them bad. No! You shouldn't be that kind of person rather you should be the one that will use good to override bad not bad to override good cos it will not take you to any better place. When you felt devastated, neglected, worthless, hopeless e.t.c because of the present circumstances surrounding you; remember the good times you once had in the past and catapult yourself to happy mood.

Understanding Power of Thanksgiving

In order to show more emphasis, thanksgiving simply means to ‘return thanks’ to God Almighty for what he has done for you. Thanksgiving is a deep expression shown to God or human that you are grateful either for past miracles, present blessings or awaiting miracles, gift, employment granted e.t.c.

Benefits of Thanksgiving

When you show gratitude or give thanks for whatever you received freely, there are rewards that may be known or unknown to you. And what are these rewards? Below I have listed and explained them in more details.
  1. Relief Depression: A grateful heart always free his or herself from different forms of depresses ranging from being ashamed each time you see the person and knowing that you didn't even shown gratitude for help rendered to you.
  2. Create Cordial Relationship: When you are been thankful or shows gratitude to God or someone who has helped you in one way or the other, you are establishing a cordial friendship and that will definitely open more doors.
  3. Create Positive Feelings in You: The more gratitude you showed, the more you become emotionally positive towards the people that have helped you. You will feel so free because you know you have done your part for being grateful.
  4. Key to Promotion: Thanksgiving also prepare you for unknown promotions that you never expected. Someone who did little for you and see how grateful you are will definitely plan bigger for you.

Being Thankful to God

You are a student in the tertiary institution; surprisingly to you, on your passed out you got pass, lower credit or third class and you are so angry but you have forgotten those that started the race with you but ended up in the hospital, mortuary and even in the cemetery. You should thank God for providing you food, giving you a nice home and a family and were able to trained you in school, for giving you a life when you were looking for one, saving you/one of your family member’s life from dangers e.t.c. The gratitude in you is the core of your thanksgiving. My brother, sister you need the Power of Thanksgiving. Always be thankful to God no matter what you are facing cos there are some people with worst situations. Being thankful to God means you are inviting Him directly to intervene in your case opening door for more blessings. Vacancy You can become our site moderator if you wish then start making money

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