Stages of Life and How they are Linked Together

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I have studied life and see that the stages of life and how they are linked together are in motion form. Life has really taught most of us lessons that we decided not just to live but to know the purpose of our living. Every human being in life has experienced one or more awful or pleasant situation and made a vow that this will never happen and when we study the situation we see that we faced the situation because of what we have done wrong in the past. So am here to share with you how life is really been formed and lived. Do you remember motion and its types in your secondary school days? The type I loved so much is the TRANSLATIONAL MOTION I have studied life and seen that each event in life is either translated from one event or to another and our lives is all about types of motion. Study the following stages in life and you will see your life is within them... A. Humans are always bound to if I could! B. At early stage, our daily thoughts will be can't wait to round up my education. *A is translated to B C. Now we have rounded up, the thought of getting married set in. D. Husband/wife has come, the thought of having children begin to come around. *C is translated to D E. Now you have children, the thought of sending them to school starts to creep in. F. Now that you have put them in school, payment of school fees and other dues have come. *E is translated to F G. They are now graduates, your next agenda is to secure a job for them or they find a job on their own. H. They have seen a job and now living on their own. You are always praying for them *G is translated to H ***End of TRANSLATIONAL MOTION*** I. Now that they are earning salaries, you begin to expect from them. They give you and you pray for them i.e to and fro **Stage I is now oscillatory motion cos all their mindset is to take of you for being a good father/mother and you praying for them 24/7 K. Now you need grandchildren you begin to pressurize them to get married. You have projected marriage plan into their minds **Stage K is now a projectile motion L. Now they have gotten married and have their own children. Other expenses have set in. **The relationship between you(parents) and them is now rotational *Stage L is in rotational motion cos they give you(parent) and at the same time take care of his/her own family. Neutral stage. When you as parent now discovered that your children no longer take care of your needs since he/she got married, quarrel become to come in. You will start vibrating, hitting your chest after all I have passed through to prepare a better future for you, this is how you are paying me back. **Now vibration motion has taken place ###Conclusion In my conclusion, no matter how we tried to solve our problems; 1. The more we tried the more will create more. 2. The solution to one problem paves way to another problem 3. Any awful experience we had is translated from what we have done in the past 4. We lived our lives in motion form ###Recommendation Try your best to solve and leave the rest for God ...Message by Emmason

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