9 basic keys to a successful life

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Introduction 9 Basic Keys to a Successful Life Relationship with God 1. Relationship with God 2. Steadfastness 3. Self Discipline 4. Always Read Motivational Books and Articles 5. Connections/Influence 6. Always Think Positivity 7. Respect men of all types 8. Draw a Life Plan 9. Dream Big


In this article, I will unveil the 9 basic keys to successful life as well as use the 9 keys to answer the question how to be successful in life. Would you believe it if I tell you that most advices about success making is bad? Anyways, some might believe it why others will not. But in whichever way you should not doubt. Lol! I want to prove to you that most advices are bad with the following reasons.
Most people will tell you that; 1. Everyone that is Rich or Wealthy either belongs to one occultic cult or another. 2. You must come from lineage of rich people else is difficult to be rich. 3. You must be a graduate. 4. You must be ready to steal.

To me, all these are lies and do not and will never believe these. Unfortunately, despite the fact that I disagreed with these, people with the above view are 45% correct because most of these advices about success comes from what they suffered from one fatal flaw. But however, am telling you that is all about self determination, success is met for those that are really ready to take risks, say no to failures, refused to be discouraged and above all chose to be self reliance. Worth to note, most people are successful but unknown to them. How? You must not have the whole world before you know that you are successful in life. I know most people are quick to tell you that success means having: Mansions, Yacht, Private jet, Expensive cars, Continuous trip to overseas e.t.c You should never cling to things like these as prove of success because they’re so visible rather see them as things that come as package with success. However, overtimes, we begin to develop tunnel vision about them, blinding ourselves to the possibility of pursuing things that actually make a lasting difference. I will also tell you that you might have the most expensive cars yet you are not successful. How about that? When you have everlasting things that matters in everyone's life then for sure you are not just successful but a great man or woman. These things includes God, good reputation, influence, happiness, family, children, legacy, generosity just to mention a few. So when searching for the keys to success, it’s important to take advice with deep understanding of every piece of the advice. Be vigilant to know advices designed to help you obtain more things rather than making more of an impact. Sorry to say this, but if you are looking success to be all those flashing and glittery things that you want to have just overnight then you might be disappointed. Rather see success as a gradual process to pave way to breakthrough, riches and wealth The contents you shall find on this list is built to help you in two ways:
1. Explain what success looks like in your life and how to know when you are successful 2. Give you step by step approach to achieving success

However, I want you to know that there is no unique definition for the word success. All authors have their own view and same I have shown you here on this article. Most people really have heard of successful people and became disappointed at their selves and parents for not being successful. Some don't even know what success looks like and how it will impact their lives. So, instead of asking yourself "what would success look like for me?” I want you to rephrase the the question as "how would success change my entire life" and also ask yourself these few questions.
1. What is my relationship with God? 2. How good is my reputation, 3. How influential would I be if I make it? 4. What happiness would success bring to me? 5. What are people saying about me now and what would people say about me even when am gone despite my success? 6. What is the level of my generosity and how often do I practiced it?

9 Basic Keys to a Successful Life

1. Relationship with God

No matter how hurry you are in looking for success, always put God first. When you put God first on the track of your success race, believe me you are 100% faster than he that doesn't want to seek God's intervention but yet want to be successful in a legit way. There might be some people who made legit success, riches and wealth without seeking God's intervention but do no settle on this. What you should ask is how long would this success last without a devourer coming to consume it till it is square zero? How happy are they with their success? How freely can they move out there?

2. Steadfastness

To be steadfast simply means to be more persistent on the track of your business or whatever you are doing. I have hammered on this word persistent on most of my post and I must tell you that truth most successful people hide from you. Successful people you see today if their history is being traced, you will see that they rise and fall many times but they never give up, they keep on trying, they keep up persisting until they reach the gate of their success and become widely opened to them. To be steadfast is not easy though cos it means to hang on even when things seems to be getting rough and touch. We’ve been taught to give things our best shot and keep fighting while on the line as long as we can. It is steadfastness that makes footballers to win a match else they won't even reach 3rd position because in there the soccer field is a battle without rest for more than 90 minutes and trust me they are always tired but they never give up on trying because they know if they do, their opponent will wear the crown. While trying to be successful, never have the taught of trying another direction because is only when you tried for a long time that you will become known for what you are doing and when people start to know you for what you do it then means that success is around the corner creeping into your vision. Find a way where there is no way.

3. Self Discipline

Self discipline is not all out been punish for wrong moves or attitudes cos most of us think of discipline as punishment but I tell you they are wrong perspectives. To be self discipline is to stop yourself or avoid doing things that will makes you look irritating to others. Training yourself to be unique in midst of others around you and living a life style that others seen worth to practiced. Discipline has a long role to play in your success stories. Though you might not see it but it is speaking secretly in your life. There will be times that you get anything you want easily from people, you see people always like to associate with you but you may never know the reasons. Some of the reasons might be because they like you for your life style. They like the way you discipline yourself and have developed trust on you. And when people start having trust in you, they can nominate you for any position that may be available in your community and that is how successful people started.

4. Always Read Motivational Books and Articles

It is no doubt that motivational books can change your mindset and vision overnight. They are so important that they have transformed many people lives for the past centuries. Many have even testified how their lives were transformed for good as a result of reading motivational books. Believe me, most people spent alot of their time on books that will not contribute a penny value to their lives but they read them all in the name of having fun. Some will devote all their time reading erotic books all in the name of finding tips for sexual satisfaction. Even if you have sex with all girls and women or boys and men in the world you stand to gain nothing but lose more of your value. Sorry to say this but is the plain truth. Invest your time on reading books and articles that can change your thinking mentality, your mode of approach to real life situations, readjust your wrong steps as well as make you see light again. When you read about other successful people stories, you must definitely be motivated to take challenge. To backup this fact, statistics have it proved those that spent time reading inspirational books and articles
1. Have lower divorce rate compared to those that don't care to read 2. They are more acquainted with techniques for making money 3. Easily get promoted 4. Are more exposed to job opportunities 5. Know how to manage their home

From now on, I encouraged you to think of motivational books in this way:
1. It is through them you can spark your mind for good taught 2. They contained results that would totally change your life and the lives of those you care about the most. 3. Without motivation, a successful life is impossible to reach.

The process of learning what you need to know in order to do exploit in success race is often grueling and repetitive. You need motivation to keep yourself moving towards the life you want to live mostly during those times that don’t seem to be producing immediate results. You must believe this chronic truth: success is a gradual increment for achieving your desired dreams or goals.

5. Connections/Influence

According to Oxford Dictionary, influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself. While connection at the other hand are the people that you have as friends. However, there is an adage that says show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. What am I trying to say here now? The kind of people you mingle with will determine how quickly you will get to your success. I have studied the lives of most successful people and found out that you hardly see them making friends with low class people not because they are being proud but because they need people that can motivate them more. When you make friend with wayward tout, then you definitely behave like him cos he will never see anything meaningful to contribute to your dreams. That is why you see that to stop a drunkard from drinking, you will first have to isolate him from his fellow drunkards else all your efforts will be in vein. Same goes to anyone who makes friend with drunker with intention of drinking will become a chronic drunkard. In summary, select the kind of people that you associate yourself with. Make friends with those that can contribute positively to your success race. Don't just keep friends for keeping sake. Influential people have a greater impact on others. Because of their value to other people, they have more connections and subsequently receive more opportunities so if you make friends with these set of people, definitely you will climb higher. It doesn’t matter how you define success, being influential will make things much easier for you. Fortunately, to become someone others want to be around isn’t complicated if you have good characters.

6. Always Think Positivity

Always think positively because the most successful people are positive minded, and understand how to balance it appropriately with realism rather than negativity. For you to be successful, you must be able to see all things both your downfalls and upliftments as an encouragement because that is the only way to keep the ball rolling. Positive minded people never think failure neither did they welcome failure. And even if it happens to come, they still move on with their lives. One thing that can fall a man's vision is fear and the end thereof is failure. So cast out any atom of fears you have before before venturing into your success race.

7. Respect men of all types

Showing respect for everyone whom you come in contact with is not only the right thing to do, it’s also the easiest way for others to observe your character in action and will begin to recommend you even on your behalf.

8. Draw a Life Plan

Imagine how difficult it would be to build a house without a house plan. Engineers that build houses always used house plans because they know how important it is to have a plan. Imagine a house built without a plan, how does it look? It is not a house that when people see it, they will be impressed by its appearance or beauty. When you failed to plan then be prepared to welcome failures and mockery of yourself. A wise man will prepare ahead its tommorow no matter how busy you might be. Setting a life mission makes it easier for you not to fall into noisome results and also gives you an edge over others. A man without mission is a man without vision and visionless man is a full of failures. Do not be deceived, you need better plans to be able to see how your tomorrow will be. Take for instance, the world's great successful men and women today started from somewhere that is beginning of their mission. Why did they have this mission? Because they realized the importance of planning ahead and refused to welcome anything that will work against their determination. Just as it said that faith without work is dead so am telling you that success without plans will not last a night. So learn to set life goals

9. Dream Big

A man who dreams big plans big! You can't expect someone that sets his trap using a live goat to catch same animal with a man that sets his trap with hen. To dream big means to set big trap. And when you set big trap your expectations would be wide and large. If you have in you the concept to begin bright future race, you should as well have a big dream of success in mind. How does this happen? Through the power of imagination. Positive imagination lead to organized planning. If you’re serious about what you dream to become and really wish to be great at it, then reaching your maximum potential is easy but only if you you will find the time to define what big dreams means to your success. Having a large visualization of your plans makes it easier for you to achieve your goals. It is no doubt that is like magic in putting your plan into writing but it can become super easy if you can visualize your plans and have in your mind that no matter what you will not fail but be successful. Only this positive thought can stair you up and boost your agility. Visualization gets your plans flowing and makes you hunger for achieving those set goals of yours. I want you to know that visualization and imagination goes together as both lite up the fire inside of you that fuels your motivation and determination. There is power in planning your your dreams in a big way or by speaking them out loud. Last but not the least, you need to backup your written plans, actions and spoken words with faith to bind them together. You should also propel yourself always because for sure you will definitely encounter ups and downs no matter how big your dreams are.

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