Nigerians Should Be Entitled To A Considerable Incentive For This One Month of Operation Stay At Home

Admin Tuesday, May 19, 2020 Inspiration

First and foremost we want to thank Nigeria government for their unbeatable effort implemented in order to combat the virus, aka Corona. We also want to thank the Nigeria government for their wise and swift solution and suggestions that all public places should be shut down till a lasting solution is been discovered to this epidemic virus aka Corona. We say God bless Nigeria government. Amen But, as we all know; most Nigerians occupation is based on daily basis that means they can't survive for a long period of time without having another source of income. Hence, this Operation Stay At Home is been declared for one month so how would most of these people survive? That is why we are pleading that on behalf of all Nigerians that a considerable amount of money or food items should be given to Nigerians i.e if our suggestion is accepted. God bless Nigerians God bless Nigeria government God bless you God bless us Please comment as your suggestions may go a long way. Do not forget to hit the Like button

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