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The thought of becoming a wealthy man,rich man or a wealthy woman, rich woman starts when you start imagining how do I become wealthy or how can I make wealth in life. And when you start thinking wealthy at your early stage makes you to standout from proverty and that will be a great achievement. Poverty streaking life is worst than anything thing that you can ever think of as human. Hey, the good news is that making wealth is not difficult, it all depends on your decisions. Just make sure that you follow the guidelines for making it. Adhere to its rules and be persistent.
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Introduction What is Wealth 1. You must be a Cheerful Giver 2. Learn How To Pay Your Tithe 3. Practice Savings at all Times 4. Generate New Ideas 5. Invest Wisely on Profitable Business 6. Have Confidence and Focus 7. Practice Collaboration 8. Split Your Capital 9. Avoid These Mistakes 10. Don't Overlook Socialization 11. Learn to be Persistence
How to Become a Wealthy Man and Woman


There are certain or laid down rules you must follow to acquire wealth. Just as life, so is wealth. In life if you wish to live healthy then you have to practice proper hygiene and observe regular medical checkup to know the status of your health. And knowing the process through which you go for medical checkup is a laid down principle that is while you observed it. Same goes for Wealth! For you to make wealth, you have to prepare the right spices to cook it up in a delicious way. Aside the principles of life, there are other principles that you have been knowingly or unknowingly coming across or even practicing. The case of needle being placed on water and always submerged is a natural principle but when you placed anything with light weight for instance nylon then you see that it floats. So wealth building or creation have Dos and Don'ts of Wealth that you must follow in order to be successful in the race. Wealth making is not by struggling neither is it by laziness but by simple principles. There are things that you will do and wealth will start coming your way; there are things that you will also do and wealth will run away from you. So what are these things that you need to do and not to do? In this article, Emmason is going to walk you through these simple steps and I believed in God that you can make wealth through these steps if properly followed and adhere to by you. Before we move further, we should know what our focus (wealth) means.

What is Wealth

Wealth can been seen as the abundance of riches, health, peace of mind, relevant materials, influence, power, intelligence, children, houses, fame and good reputation. You can see more about wealth definition here Detailed Definition of Wealth

Principles of Wealth Making

1. You must be a Cheerful Giver
There is some something that I have learnt when it comes to wealth making. When you don't give you don't get! Cheerful givers never lack. The more you give the more you received blessings from the people you are giving. Do not give only to those you think that can help you rather give to anyone who begged of you and you see that really needs your help. Giving also have principles that you will follow. Do not go to club and start buying beer for people with the mindset that you are giving. No, this is not giving but waste of money cos money you spent on club ends in club.
2. Learn How To Pay Your Tithe
Tithing is a biblical principle and it has been in existence right from the days of Adam and Eve. The power of tithing in wealth making can not be explained in mere understanding. Tithing breaks yokes of closed doors and poor out blessings upon you to the extent that there will be no more room to contain these blessings (Malachi 3:6 cleared this) Read more about tithing here The Purpose of Tithing 3. Practice Savings at all Times Saving do not only make you to have extra money but proved you as a man in the raining days. There are times that you might need money to add to your business or start up another business due to depreciation in your current business. It is through savings that you can boast of changing business. Notwithstanding, savings also gives you confidence, heart and self reliance and dependent. 4. Generate New Ideas A wealthy man must be a good entrepreneurial personnel. You must learn how to be creative. You have to study the world around you, figure out what they have not and look for a way to make those things they lack available and at the end the monetary reward and fame will come to you. 5. Invest Wisely on Profitable Business Another thing that you can learn from those that have made wealth is the way they invest. You can't see a wealthy man without having a reputable company that he invested his money. Learn how to invest on business that you know about the SWOT analysis so at the end had I know will not be the out come. Invest in a business you know more about, adore and cherish. Don't invest because you just feel like. When you invest on what you have no passion for, you will definitely start getting boring because you have no mindset on it neither do you derive fun from doing it. 7. Have Confidence and Focus Confidence is all about having strong trust in yourself. While focus is having a strong determination towards what you are doing. In race of wealth, these two words plays 50 percent role. Confidence in wealth making is all about having the believe that you will make it despite the ups and downs that you are passing through. While focus is to zero your mind against anything that may distract you. Take for instance; you might have friends that will be buying luxurious things that will definitely draw your attention, then at the end you maybe tempted to divert your savings in order to buy those things and before you know you are out of the way to your dream. So you need to be FOCUS. 8. Practice Collaboration Collaboration in wealth simply means combining with those that shares the same dream or ideas with you. When collaborating, simply look for better people because both you and these people will form a team and teamwork needs the spirit of unity to succeed. So form a team with people that knows the value of while the team is being formed, have the interest of the team in mind, that can contribute financially, raise Concord ideas and always having positive dreams towards the growth of the team. 9. Split Your Capital While fighting to be a wealthy man, you have to develop the habit of splitting your resources into different routes because no one knows what might happen tomorrow. If for instance, you invest all your resources on one route and along the way something happened and that route gets blocked, definitely you will turn to square zero. So split your business into many routes that no one can know all about them. You should learn how to do underground business; business that not even your closest friend will know about cos you don't know who might be fighting you. 10. Avoid These Mistakes There are some mistakes that you will make and chances of making wealth will be rare. You must try as much as possible to avoid bad friends that will have nothing good to contribute to your life. Never give up no matter how many times you have tried and always avoid selfishness. See more Life Everlasting Mistakes to Avoid in Youthful Age 11. Don't Overlook Socialization A man that is not friendly might find it difficult to make wealth because your business that you will transact needs people for you to progress. Hence, recommendations matters alot in business world. The way you interact with someone who has come to you for business have a long way to go. No matter how poor or rich your customers are, treat all of them with great respect because they are your spokes mouth out there. And the more highly socialized you become the more chances of having customers that will patronized you as they will have more trust in you and having the mindset of giving the money to their friend rather giving to another person. 12. Learn to be Persistence No matter the no of times you have tried that business never give up. Persistently continue doing it because you will surely smile if you have all your efforts and trust focused on it. Wealth making is not what you achieve by once trying rather is something that you achieve by continuous strives. Failures and trials will definitely come but success over them all depends on how you will handle them. Always see yourself as a successful man because a man with mind of failure can never move forward as you will always see every failed step as excuse to stop. Be persistently minded and strong. You can also see more wealth principles here Ten Commandments of Wealth

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