Everlasting Mistakes In Life and How To Avoid In Youthful Age

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Everlasting mistakes in life are mistakes that can cause serious problem in life. So, there is need to avoid mistakes that can last forever in our lives and caused pain that we will not be able to bear. The everlasting mistakes in live should be observed right from our early stage of life.
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Life Background Parents' Flaws Youths Often Find Excuses For Their Failures Youths Easily Lose Hope Fashions Inability To Save Pleasure Without Suffering Easily Trust Dangers Selfishness Indulging in Early Sexual Relationship Over Dependent on School Certificate

Life Background

The moment you start deriving so much pleasure from something you know that is not proper but still find your self doing it and the same time having alot of fun from it then you should start knowing there is some wrong somewhere that is hidden from you and might in the future cause you had I know expression. Most adults and youths are always very exciting when it comes to what they think is fun especially night club party. That is why many young people in their lives made alot of irreversible mistakes at the early stage of their lives. You have to believe me at least for this; whatever you are facing in the present might have being caused by your past life. Most young ladies for instance in their early stage indulge themselves in abortion countless times and now in their marriage home find it difficult to conceive. Most adults in early stage takes so much hard drugs and now in their old age beginning to experience so many health issues such as impotency, heart disease and lots more. I tell you, whatever we have become or not yet could be traced to our early stages in life. Your growth, future architect, development, bright dreams solely depends on how you start your early stage. If you failed to start your early life in a pleasant way, then you will find it difficult to avert the future shortcomings. The antidote to this is for you to realize your mistakes on time then begin to correct every bad steps you have taken before your 35 to 40 years. In this article, Emmason is going to discuss most of these early stage mistakes and how possibly you and I can avoid them for a better future. So take your time to study each topic with deep understanding for proper transformation.

Parents' Flaws

There is no doubt that our early stage life is 100% depended on our parents. Our parents decide either we should be put in nursery School and others or we should be street children. Study topic in detail Stages of Life and How They Are Linked Together and you will learn more about the roles played by our parents. When your parents take into consideration their business more than your happiness, welfare, school, future e.t.c then dangers of wayward life begins to loom around you unless God's grace intervene in your life. Because you are still a child and knows nothing of how to live a better life or prepare for a better grade in your class, your parents should be the ones that take the responsibility of making you to study your books when you are back from school, monitor your daily activities to ensure that you do not go astray. If you happened to be among those whose parents never care for, love neither sent to school; then this should help you amend your life.
  1. Always pray to God for divine directions
  2. Study families that have good relationship with their children and learn from how the children are planning their future
  3. Do not see your parents failure as excuse
  4. If no money and you intend to go school, start any payment job no matter how little and save for your education
  5. No school intention, then learn a good hand work
  6. Read motivational books
  7. Avoid bad friends

Youths Often Find Excuses For Their Failures

When you begin to find what to use as excuse in every of your failures then you are telling yourself that there is no need to try harder. Take for instance you intend to have the best education but because your parents did not have money to support you in school, you finally settled on this as a concrete excuse for you not to be a graduate. Am here to tell you that is not supposed to be so rather it should be a great challenge for you to make up your way to any standard of education you intent to have. Excuses always makes us look like total failure and disappoinment in the society at large. So please do not accept excuses but keep on trying. And remember, the world doesn't care to know how many times you tried and failed but your success stories interest them.
Youths Easily Lose Hope
Most young people or youths always lose hope easily on whatever they are doing but yielding no good results. Dangote wouldn't have been the richest man in Africa if he hadn't pressed harder in his career. Emmason247.com.ng wouldn't have been in existence if I hadn't pressed harder to learn about programming, web design and spent alot of my resources on it. Google wouldn't have ranked the world's giant search engine if they hadn't pressed harder. So, do not give up on any thing you are doing, keep on pressing and ignore any mocking stories from your friends and families. I tell you this simple truth, whatever that good will come out from must face criticism.
The word fashion is something that killed most young people secretly but unknown to them. Most youths want to have the best phones, the best clothes, the most expensive jewelry when they currently have no good paying job. When you have planned your life in the right proportion and earning well for a living then you can go for all these fashions. Some youths will spend the money they they earned from hard works like brick laying, blocks moulding, conductor work, truck pushing and waste it all in the name of fashion. Do not spend your last Kobo for no good reason else you will beg tomorrow. Learn how to save which will be cover on its own in the the next topic. Inability To Save Your savings have alot to do in your life whether you believe it or not. How you save determines the kind of life you will live in the future. When you save heavily then you will enjoy heavily. There is no guarantee that the more you spent the more you have. Do not be deceived! When you spent heavily out of point then you suffer heavily in point. When you have the habit of saving in dry seasons then definitely you will by no means experience hunger in raining seasons. So please learn how to save! Pleasure Without Suffering Most youths always want merriment. They don't want to pass through anything called stress that is why most of them involved themselves in what they are not supposed to do and at the end regret but is too late. You have to suffer before pleasure. Suffering before pleasure means you should take time to work for your bright future not jumping into sacred things all in the name of riches. Look, you might be rich today but if the riches are not pure you will end up destroying your self and future. That is nature for you and you can't cheat nature. Please patiently work for your pleasure! Easily Trust Dangers How we trust matters alot in our lives. Though trust may lead to unity the dangers of trust are unbearable. Before trusting, you should study the kind of person you are dealing with and try as much as possible to test with some good tactics if possible. Most people we pretend to be your best friend, sister, brother, mother, father, pastor e.t.c but deep down in them they don't need your progress. They will try as much as possible to gain your trust then start collecting words from you partaking your life, welfare and others in order for them to strategize the right weapon to use against you. Hence, when you now entrust your matters in their their hands you become an ant that fall into spider's web. Escaping from this kind of people requires God's intervention so pray against unfriendly relationships. Selfishness When you have selfish heart then things will gradually start to work against you. Do not forget that same hand you used to point at someone is also pointing at you. At times your selfish desires closed door of blessings against you and can't be open unless you change. Do not try to use smartness to still others' joy cos you will definitely pay back meaning you won't also have joy at last. The heart of some of us is desperately wicked but the end thereof is regret. The disadvantages of selfishness is too high for you so avoid selfishness and greediness. Indulging in Early Sexual Relationship Your sex attitude matters alot. Sex is one of the massive tools that have destroyed great men and women. You are at 16 years and have started looking for sex mate and when you finally found one, you become so addicted that not even school will be in your agenda anymore. Sex is just some minutes enjoyment but it can destroy you for eternity. Wait till you are mature enough to handle sexual problems such as unwanted pregnancy, relationship chaos and others then you are free. Over Dependent on School Certificate It is good to have school certificate but over dependent can make you become hopeless and wayward person. Do not see your certificate as an excuse for you not set up your own business and become self dependent. Yes you might have the best certificate but certificate is just paper. You have graduated and have been roaming from street to street, town to town, city to city just in search of job but still can't secure any job. Or you have been employed but have no other means of survival, what happens if you get fired? So learn to be creative and self employed. Otekpo Emmanuel (aka Emmason) Thanks for reading please share, like and comment.

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