Best Top 10 Motivation Tips To Encourage Your Goals and Inspiration

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Motivation and inspiration are the best things that that can happen to a man ever. When you have a lot of motivation surrounding you, then you will find it easy to achieve your set goals. In our your everyday Life, the level of motivation determines the kind of people you will follow and the kind of business you will indulge yourself. Every humans in life at every point have specific objectives or goals that he or she want to achieve. You might be wondering how can someone have goals in every day Life? It is possible and very possible. Just few questions to set you up before going to the reasons of writing this post. 1. Have you ever thought of becoming the most famous person in your community? 2. Have you ever wanted to drive the best car? 3. Have you ever wanted to stay in the best apartment but you can't afford? 4. How many times have you not achieved your goals and let yourself down due to your lack of motivation? Whether it’s losing weight or bringing your business to fruition, motivation is essential for growth and success in every sphere of our lives. That said, it is not easy to stay motivated. In order to do so, you need to take ownership of your life and consciously make efforts in that direction. It’s never too late to take matters in your hands and change the course of your life. Here are 11 effective ways to crush your lack of motivation and always stay motivated.

How To Overcome Lack of Motivation

1. Imagine Your Success Stories

One of the most effective techniques to motivate yourself is through success imagination. Success imagination is the possible key point for you to bring yourself out of failures bondage. This helps you move in a positive direction and achieve your goal speedily. Close your eyes and focus all your energies on the minutest of details that will take you where you want to go. For example, if your goal is to become a musician, imagine yourself that you have been signed by a top sponsor, talking with fans of your most recent songs. Try to bring to mind how you’ll feel, what you’ll see, where you’ll be, etc. Doing this exercise every day inspires you to keep going and increase your motivation. The vision of attaining success will drive you to do better while instilling belief and confidence.

2. Document Your Goals

The power of goals documentation has been ignored by most people who do not know its value. Documenting your goals gives you upper edge as well as making you to be focused on your dreams every day that goes bye. You might now be asking why should I have to write down when I have everything right there in my memory? Wrong assumption! Is not all time that your will be able to supply all you want as a result of too many engagement. But written goals can be easily reference for better understanding. As you write them down and revisit them regularly, they get further drilled into your head, taking you closer to your goals. Doing this small exercise helps you to remain focused, motivated, and lets you track your progress with ease.

3. Overcome Delay

Delay is one of the most dangerous weapon that can kill man's dreams. When you have a motive of building a house next year, start the preparation now. You don't have to wait till the next year before making steps towards the set goal. Work towards it gradually, begin to save for it, start acquiring the land and you will see that it becomes so much easy when next year comes. But when you delay everything till that next year, you might run out of time unknown to you.

4. Appreciate the Little You Have Achieved

Why on the quest to achieve bigger goals in your life, one thing that can make you stay motivated is celebration of the little ones that you have already. There I an addage that says, "Appreciation is Application for More". Big or small, achievement is achievement. And you see that you will begin to climb up to greater heights when you remember the ones that you have gained It is these small achievements that reinstate that you are on the right path and take you one step closer to the bigger goals. So, get into the habit of recognizing and appreciating small wins. You will be surprised to see how this practice helps you stay motivated.

5. Don't Underestimate Power of Gratitude

Making gratitude a part of your life is a very important step to retain high motivation levels. It renew your spirit and also renew your enthusiasm for life. A study revealed that "gratitude may also play a role in motivating individuals to engage in positive behaviors leading to self-improvement”. Practicing gratitude is not really easy especially when you have no idea what the word is all about. But nevertheless, here are some few tips to help you
  • Express your deep gratitude to people around you,
  • Spread positivity wherever you go.
  • Show love to everyone
By doing so, you begin to focus more on what you have rather than what you don’t, and that is a great start to stay motivated.

6. Don't Be Pessimistic

Though there is no guarantee both biblical and reality that your days will always be full of merriment. There will be bad days when things will not go in your favor, when you feel lost, and even worst. At such times, instead of letting negativity take over your life, adopt an optimistic approach to life and kill the attitude of saying the worst is yet to come. Quit overthinking, ask the right questions, and focus on finding solutions. Right in the midst of your failures or hurdles, think positive, have a winning mind, defeat all negative thoughts, be realistic and optimistic and you will definitely be motivated to give another try.

7. Erase Past Awful Experience

Our lack of motivation often stems from the habit of dwelling on the past. This gives rise to fear and regrets, preventing us from making progress in the present day. Living in memory of the past is nothing but a waste of time. Understand that the past is long gone, and the hand of clock can never be turned and you cannot do anything to change that. What you can do is make your present day worthwhile. Instead of looking back and having regrets, learn from your mistakes, forgive yourself and move on. The next time you find your mind wandering off to the past, be determined to change the way you think and consciously concentrate on living in the present.

8. Don't Underestimate Meditation

Meditation lets you take control of your mind. It improves focus and concentration while helping you relax. Whenever you have had a tough day or find your thoughts going places, the best way to calm yourself down is by closing your eyes and meditating. It helps you to remove all the unnecessary frills in life, feel good, and stay on the right track. One 2020 study found that meditation reduces “anxiety, depression and pain scores,” which is key in helping us overcome a loss of motivation. If we’re anxious or depressed, we’re much less likely to do what we need to do. Include meditation in your daily schedule and you are sure to see an improvement in your productivity and motivation.

9. Defeat Your Greatest Enemy

Fear is always the greatest enemy of humans. Fears can stop someone from moving far mostly when you have heard of scary things about what you intend venturing. It’s difficult to maintain motivation when there is fear so identify the fear that is pulling you back and tackle it. If you don’t face your fear head on, you cannot expect to conquer it and renew your motivation. Ask yourself: What is stopping you? What are you scared of? Once you accept your fear, you can work on an action plan and think of solutions to overcome it. Seek help from a mental health professional if required, but don’t choose to turn a blind eye to your fears.

10. Find Time To Read/Attend Motivational Books and Seminars

From motivational books and quotes to speeches, films, seminar and apps, it’s a good idea to take help from motivational material to rekindle your spirits and regain your motivation. Everyone is wired differently. For instance, a self-help book might work for your friend, but it might do nothing to move you. If you like crafts, try putting together a vision board. If you are a visual learner, write down a positive quote and tape it to your desk. Find what inspires you, and turn to it when you are in desperate need of motivation.


However, if you’re struggling with motivation to work, don’t expect things to change overnight. There will still be days when you will be low on energy, but by making these conscious efforts to stay motivated, you are sure to see a vast change in your perspective and your response to bad days. Start today and be committed to making a positive change in your life. There is still time!

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