Broken Relationship or Marriage:How To Fix and Recover

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You start becoming uncomfortable when you perceived that you are about to have broken relationship or marriage. When marriage or relationship is shaking and no longer see that joy that makes you to enter the first time then definitely it will become broken. And when this starts to happen, you will definitely start feeling unhappy in your marriage or relationship. Initially when the relationship started, you always missed home, your spouse or financee because of the good times you have shared with him or her. But of recent, there has been a great distance between you and your spouse, and your play mode with your spouse is dying gradually because no interactions. And when these urgly situations begins to crawl into your home, there is every tendency that divorce is around the corner if proper actions and corrections are not taken.
Recovery a Broken Relationship
Most people sees divorce as normal attitude but the truth is great men and women in marriage are the ones that lived together with their spouses till death do them apart. Perhaps, why should you even think of divorce when you know how joyful you were at the early stage of the marriage or relationship? You are beginning to feel unhappy because you have failed to reengineer your marriage or relationship! You have started asking yourself questions like;
  1. Can I ever forgive my spouse for this?
  2. Is he/she not supposed to be my soulmate?
  3. Does it mean that my soulmate is now cheating on me?
  4. Why should I beg him/her when I know I have done nothing wrong?
  5. Why did I not even know him better before stepping into this marriage or relationship?

All these questions are good ones and the ability to get the right answers depends on your own way of view. All these questions will be answered as we progress on this article. In this article, Emmason is going to give you his own ideas on how to fix a broken relationship or recovering broken relationship.
Table of Content
What is Relationship and Broken Relationship? Let God Lead in Your Relationship Lower Your Ego and Pride Try and Find Out The Reason Your Spouse Changed Do Not Hide Secrets Avoid Blame Casting Forgiveness in Relationships Ignore the Bad Attitudes and Accept the Good Ones Be Persistent Be Romantic and Avoid Cheating Rebuild Trust and Love Make Love With Your Spouse or Fiancee Often Be Contented Always Have Time for Your Spouse or Fiancee Keep Your Home Secrets From Outside Buy Special Gifts Once in a While

What is Relationship and Broken Relationship

Relationship is the way two persons that shared feelings are related or connected to each other.
Recovery a Broken Relationship
They share what is beyond others imagination because they have been intimately joined together by blood and other means. Why broken relationship is negation of the meaning of relationship.

Let God Lead in Your Home

The first authority to put in front in every relationship is God. God is the solid Rock and Backbone that can sustain your relationship for eternity. A relationship or home where there is no knowledge about God easily withers like a plant that lack adequate water to sustain. You can't be talking of happy relationship without knowing God's rules that governs relationship. You must seek God's presence all times in your relationship because His words alone can mend the heart of your spouse not that of humans. Remember human being can easily claim to be fan of your relationship success but deep down he or she is the architect of the problems. So bring God always to your home.

Lower Your Ego and Pride

In this heading, am going to answer question no. 4 which says "Why should I beg him/her when I know I have done nothing wrong?". One thing that kill relationship most is Ego and Pride. Learn more about Ego and Pride and see how to fix broken relationship with just one word. Ego can make you say you will never beg your spouse because you have done nothing wrong and by so doing you are not helping the relationship. If you say you will not do away your ego, and continue raising your shoulder because of pride then you will see your relationship joy truncated in twinkle of an eye. Just be humble, honest and learn to accept your fault even if you are the superior of the home.
Try and Find Out The Reason Your Spouse Changed
Don't just focus on the issues you are facing in your relationship else you will never get solution to them. Rather try as much as possible to find out why these issues are surfacing in your home and relationship. Is it your spouse's fault? You found out that the present issue lingering in your relationship is because of your spouse? If yes, try and know the reasons behind her actions and if it is a changed in her attitude that caused the problem then find out why he or she has changed and make amendment according to your findings. Do not resolved because your spouse attitudes have changed that means am going to divorce because even if you married again you will continue to have these issues. Afterall no man or woman is good we only build them.
Do Not Hide Secrets
Secrets hiding is one thing that will make you to know signs that your relationship is beyond repair. When you as a man or woman begin to see that your your spouse is hiding secrets that you opt to know about from you, no doubt you start having fears in your heart and your trust on him or her will start dying gradually and it will become a pain to you. Before you know it, you start losing interests and trust on the relationship. And when trust is broken in a relationship little things will begin to cause problems in the home. No matter what you will do your spouse will never be happy and how to rebuild trust with someone you have hurt is really difficult because it will take time. Perhaps there should be no secrets in marriage or relationship else you will start hearing complaint like my husband is hiding secrets from me or my wife is hiding secrets from me. Avoid Blame Casting You must learn not to blame your spouse or fiancee for everything even when he or she is wrong else you become a fault finder and every fault finder has his or her own fault. Some women will say my husband blames me for his unhappiness and you think she is saying it because she feels like. She's saying this because she is no more comfortable with the way her depressed husband blames her for everything. Relationship is full of ups and downs but do not start casting blame in every thing that happened in your relationship. Blame in relationships and being blame for everything in a relationship lead to more arguments, unstable relationship and chaos. Try as much as possible to avoid blame because even you will feel bad when your spouse blames you for everything that happened and you will begin to say your spouse is getting uncomfortable with you. Instead of wasting time to cast blames, look for a way to resolve what has happened before it escalates and ensure it never happened again. Forgiveness in Relationship Another thing that contributes to long lasting relationship is forgiveness. When you don't know how to forgive your spouse then you begin to elongate or slender your relationship problems. Forgiveness in relationship is very very important because that will get the friendship and home going smoothly. You must learn how to forgive your partner no matter what he or she has done as far is not what Bible says it can separate both of you. The benefits of forgiveness is paramount in your relationship and should not be overlooked neither should you try to rule it off in your home. Learn how to forgive betrayal in your relationship because betrayal will always come but you must try as much as possible to forgive. Furthermore, forgiveness do not only make your relationship last, it also makes your spouse to confide in you at all times and having the mind that no matter what you can never hurt him or her. But when your spouse discovered that you hardly forgive him or her, then fear like I might got poisoned one day by my spouse will be creepy in. Ignore the Bad Attitudes and Accept the Good Ones If you are the type that always see the bad side of your spouse then you have to stop it because it will not help your relationship. Ignoring the bad attitudes of your spouse will make you to stay positive in your relationship and also give you edge over anything that will cause asunder or separation. Overlooking the bad attitudes of your spouse will make you have mind towards positive thinking relationship and you can even draft out meaningful readable content like how can I change my attitude towards my husband or wife and develop attitude of reading it with your spouse once in a while. Do not think that because your spouse attitudes are bad you should send her packing rather look for a way to correct those her bad attitudes and if he or she refused then ignore the bad attitudes and take the good ones for peace to prevail in your home and on a good day he or she must definitely change willingly. Perhaps there is this popular proverb, a devil you know is better than angel you don't know. Be Persistent Does pesistence pay off in a relationship? Yes! Pesistence in a relationship can go a long way to pay or put off breakup. When you are facing pains in relationship and you keep up persisting that you can make this relationship work no matter how harden the heart of your soulmate or spouse, one day he or she will definitely see the reason to be humble with you. Or, maybe you have issue with your spouse and along the line, you both got separated and you have tried to reconcile but your spouse never give you a second of his/her time. Do not give up, keep on persisting until you achieved your purpose because that is the only way. When you tried the first time you failed, go for second, third, fourth,...,nth until your spouse will have no choice but to give in. Be Romantic and Avoid Cheating You have to try as much as possible to be romantic with your spouse. If you don't know how, my brother or sister go and learn because it will help your relationship alot. See Building a Happy Home and Marriage Life for more tips on how you can make your home and relationship happy and romantic. Every woman need romantic relationship same goes for every man. There is much joy in a relationship where both spouse uses sweet or romantic names like "dear, honey, sweet heart, my gold, my jewelry, my pride, my King, my Queen, my love, my star, mummy, daddy e.t.c" than a relationship where names like "Mama Dora, woman, madam, mama, papa, Papa James" are used. These are not romantic names at all but sounds ridiculous even to anyone that heard them. Another aspect under this heading is cheating. Yes, cheating has become the order of the day. Over 90 percent of men and women, boys and girls cheat on their spouses or Fiancee this can really cause broken home and relationship. The day your spouse discovered that you are cheating on him/her will be the day he/she will begin to stop trusting you and will definitely start to divert his/her attention from you gradually. Rebuild Trust and Love When you see that you have offended your spouse in one way or the other, either through cheating or not being romantic and your spouse is beginning to feel uncomfortable staying with you both day and night then is the right time you stem up and start looking for how to rebuild trust and love in your relationship. In relationship where there is no trust, it is rare for joy to surfaced because sadness will always be in the heart of your spouse and where sadness is more than joy there will be no peace. Rebuilding trust is easy and even more easier with your spouse because you have stayed with him or her and knows what he or she likes most, the things you were doing that always gives him/her joy, when he or she is happy. Gather all these facts then start practicing them though it will take time because you can't just expect the wound to be healed just over night. Be patient while trying to rebuild trust because your spouse might be mad at you during this time but nevertheless continue telling her how deeply sorry you are for the wrongs that you have done. Make Love With Your Spouse or Fiancee Often Aha, this is the part I have been waiting for and is really cool! And it also answer question no. 3 and 5 which says "Does it mean my soulmate is now cheating on me?" and "Why did I not even know him better before stepping into this marriage or relationship?". Maybe yes or no. When you first met your spouse or fiancee you will try as much as possible to satisfy him or her sexually because you are still lost after his or her beauty that caught your eyes the first time you saw him/her. But as the relationship continues, if you have bad attitude, you begin to see that your spouse or fiancee will no longer be sweet and attractive in your eyes because you have started seeing other beautiful ladies or handsome men now your spouse or fiancee beauty is fading away. Stop it else your relationship will die without any prior notice to you. One thing is to marry or be in a relationship but another is to keep the intimacy long lasting. Having intimacy with your spouse all the time will not only boost the relationship but will also makes your spouse feel secured and man or woman enough. It will also promote trust in your relationship and makes you feel happy all times. And as for the question Why did I not even know him better before stepping into this marriage or relationship? You can't know anybody better rather you only see what they display to you as their attitudes. But, the moment you start going into long relationship or you both get married then those other characters will begin to surface and same goes for you too. So, when you are in the relationship, try as much as possible to know your spouse everyday that comes and go. Learn his/her new attitudes and adapt. If the attitudes seems so bad in your eyes then try and sit him or her down and talk to him/her in a low tone. Be Contented Most women have the attitude of preferring others properties to their own. They always value what others have more than what they have and always wish to have it at all cost and when the man failed to provide it problems begin to happen. No matter what always be contented with what you have and forget about what you have not. Do not use because your husband or wife could not afford to buy you gold or iPhone 11 you start seeing him or her as a failure and disappointment in your life and always thinking how wish I can leave him. In terms of beauty, let her beauty always supercede that of other women, let her breast be as sweet as wine always in your tongue and her elegant body be your pillow at all times. Be Contented with all part of her body good or bad because these were the things you saw the first time that makes you talk to her so why now? Always Have Time for Your Spouse or Fiancee Most people make the mistake of not having time for their spouse. All they think about is their business and making money. The earlier you learn that money is not everything the better for you and your relationship. You must learn how to allot your time for both your relationship or marriage and work. If you are that type that always work without caring about your spouse joy then know this secret, though not all women/men; your spouse might be having quite good time with another that is why he or she never complained of your late coming home rather he or she is even happy that you are not coming home early. Put your relationship first before your work so that your spouse can be happy with you all times. Keep Your Home Secrets From Outside Do not spread your home secrets any where be it in the family, office or even friends. Marriage secrets revealed can cause entire home to break down. Learn to manage your relationship secrets between you and your spouse. Buy Special Gifts Once in a While Gifts are one of those things that can keep your relationship and friendship lively and refreshed all the time. Make your spouse feel how important he or she is to you. When you buy gifts for your spouse, you are not only telling him or her how much you loved him or her, but you are also indirectly telling him or her that you think of him or her always, how much you care about him/her and lots more. Thanks for reading and your time!

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