9 Secrets on How to Develop Emotional Intimacy in Marriage You May Not Know

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In a marriage or relationship, the value of emotional intimacy cannot be overlooked as it is one of the bedrock needed by every happy couple. It does not only glued the man and woman, it also create avenue for undying joy, endless love and emotions in the home. Emotional Intimacy is more or like a ball! If you play it well, you score a goal. You play it wrong, you miss the goal. That is how emotional intimacy works. If you want your relationship or marriage to thrive without knowing an end, then you have to build this solid rock (emotional intimacy) in it. Do not say must it be only me to be building it? Why won't my spouse shows interest? So it will be as if am the one that needed this relationship most! The moment you have this thought, you are beginning to fall off the track. If you are the only one striving to build this, your joy should be that it is yielding positive results.

What is Emotional Intimacy

Emotional Intimacy refers to the emotions, engagement, love, feelings, entanglement and strong connection shared between two perons that are happily in love.

Effect of Lack of Emotional Intimacy in Marriage

Anyone who is in marriage that lacks emotional intimacy must definitely have restless mind, nightmares, sleepless nights, worries, frustration, distance from spouse e.t.c. It can cause someone to be emotionally unstable, pains, grieves, hatred, shattered plans and even to the extent of having low libido for your spouse. However, no matter how long you have been facing this emotional disconnection in your relationship, today I want you to know that you will be able to revive your relationship or marriage in few steps. Not only to revived, but also making the intimacy grow stronger than you can ever imagined. In this article, you will learn how to develop emotional intimacy in your marriage or relationship and even make your dead relationship anew in just few steps.

Does Marriage Survive Without Emotional Intimacy?

Truth be told, there is no backup evidence that marriages that lack emotional intimacy do not survive. But, their chances of survival is high compared to the ones that have strong intimacy. Some may managed to survive without having emotional intimacy but the chaos in such marriages simply explained the fact that one of the couple is suffering in the marriage. The only reason that makes marriages that lack emotional intimacy to last long or survive is because one of the couple have chosen to tolerate no matter what happens. So yes, some marriages may managed to survive without emotional intimacy but not without pains.

Steps for Grow Emotional Intimacy in Marriage

1. Avoid Self Isolation One of the major factor that influences emotional intimacy in marriage is closeness. Therefore, is a great threat when you are isolating yourself in your marriage. Trying to give your spouse distance just because you had misunderstanding do not shows maturity. It will gradually kill the feelings you both have mostly when it takes so much time to reconcile. Self isolation will also lead to emotional detachment and less connection. 2. Don't Make Your Spouse Feel Lonely Loneliness is the fastest machine that drives emotional detachment to the last bus stop i.e it will never stop until there is no room for love and attachment. Most marriages are breaking up because either the man or woman is not having time for the other. Some men cherish their businesses more than their wives. Some men can go on a business trip for over six months without even missing their wife. At this point, the woman begin to feel lonely as if she is single. Bad thought will start creeping in her mind and before you know it, the feelings she have for the man will start to die gradually and at the end, no emotional attachment will be left. Same way some women value their business than their husbands. Even if you have to do business, keep in touch with your wife at all times via phone calls, messages and video chat. Doing this will make your spouse not to miss your presence alot. 3. Grow More Affection for Your Spouse When you lack affection for your spouse, it becomes difficult for you to display some attitudes, characters and hobbies that can make your marriage thrive and thrilled your partner fallen deep in love with you. The lack of affection is the beginning of hatred. There will be nothing that your partner will do that will please you. You will always see your spouse as the worst thing that ever happened to you. Lack of affection will always make you to have the mind of divorcing your spouse. And once you start having mind of divorce, no two ways about it, there will be no single emotional intimacy between you and your spouse. Therefore, grow deep affection for your spouse that it may heal every wrongs done by your spouse no matter what. 4. Having Sex With Your Spouse Regularly Sex is not just for fun alone. It create special bond between you and your spouse. It makes your marriage thrive with emotional feelings for each other. Sex makes you feel attached to your spouse on daily basis. The more you have sex with your spouse the stronger you fall in love, and the more emotional intimacy grows. Develop the attitude of having Sex with your spouse all the time not only for the fun but also to grow deeper in emotions. 5. Having Conversations With Your Spouse Nothing makes a home look lovely and lively than conversation. Even if you have nothing to say, try as much as possible to bring up stories that can make you both laugh and have a good time together. If you and your spouse are sitting in the sitting room mute, the house will be so boring and your spouse will start seeing you as a boring fellow. Therefore, learn how to say something meaningful, cracking jokes, making fun out of past experiences with this, you are growing intimacy with your spouse. If for any reason you are not at home, your spouse will be missing you and looking for all means to reach out to you that is time you come back home. Why? Because there is already a great intimacy bond existing between you and your spouse. 6. Always Have Concern for Your Spouse Feelings Empathy in a marriage is very important. Empathy simply means knowing how your spouse is feeling and being part of the feelings. Whichever ways your spouse is feeling; good or bad, always ensure that you share his or her burden. Do not feel less concerned. Nothing makes your spouse feel loved than seeing you sharing his or her burden. It makes your spouse to know that he or she is not alone no matter the condition. And this will also make your spouse become attached to you emotionally and in other ways. 7. Always Avoid Argument Whether you are right or wrong, do not argue with your spouse over an issue for a long time. When you see your spouse is not succumbing to your opinion and you know what you are saying is right, wisely leave the issue by saying ok is fine. When your spouse mind is calm, definitely he or she will fall to reason with you. But at point of argument, there is nothing you will say that will be accumulated because there is high level of anger in the mind at that particular time. Therefore, avoid arguments at all times. 8. Do Not Communicate With Aggressive or Offensive Words Communication go smoothly only if you mind your choice of words. Always use sweet to hear words on your spouse. Words you know that if used on you might not go down well should be avoided. Minding the right words to use in conversation between you and your spouse is very paramount as it will go a long way preventing quarrel. 9. Always Cherish Your Spouse There are some men that are never satisfied with the beauty, characters, attitudes and dressing of their wives. They always admire what they see outside therefore making the one inside to look like abandoned project. No matter how dressed the wife looks, she still remains outdated fellow to them. If you are such a man, then you have to stop it. Let the beauty of your wife keep radiating in your eyes every second that passes by. Let her dressing be the best in your eyes and characters should be the best you ever come across. Same way applied to women. There is no perfect woman or man on earth. You train your spouse into the person you deserved. Conclusion So far, you have learned that emotional intimacy is very powerful and most vital tool to make every marriage or relationship thrive. Growing emotional intimacy in your marriage will go a long way in the lasting of the marriage. Learn to always appreciate your spouse, be the better man or woman needed by every opposite sex. It is also obvious that emotional intimacy don't just grow in your marriage. Rather; you make it yourself.

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