Top 6 Ways to Develop Spiritual Intimacy in Marriage

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Most marriages are lacking intimacy because the couples are finding it hard to grow intimately. In most cases, is not just only emotional and physical intimacy, it also extends to spiritual intimacy (the bedrock of every marriage). In this post, you will learn 6 ways to develop spiritual intimacy in marriage either as old or newly wedded couples for a thriving relationship and the benefits of spiritual intimacy in marriage

Symptoms of Lack of Spiritual Intimacy in Marriage

The fact remains that most people don't even know if their marriage is lacking spiritual intimacy or not. They just lived in spiritually blind marriage. But with these few symptoms, you will know when spiritual intimacy is lacking. 1. Marriage conflict A marriage that lack spiritual intimacy finds it difficult to stay a week without issues because there is no knowledge of God's love and how you can extend it to each other. 2. Distancing oneself from your spouse When there is no spiritual attachment, your marriage will suffer isolation. The man will always derive more pleasure from outside than the wife as a result of lost. 3. Feeling lonely Chaos can make someone feels rejected in and a marriage that lacks spiritual intimacy will be filled with chaos. 4. More arguments In a church where is no spiritual intimacy, there is more arguments than agreement how much more couples who are from different background entirely, diffe6home training and upbringing? Therefore marriage without God's intimacy is filled with arguments as both couples will always see their opinion to be the best and making sure it must stand. 5. Feeling spiritually down You will start feeling the absence of God's supremacy in your marriage. You will see the effects that things are not working as planned.

What is Spiritual Intimacy?

Spiritual Intimacy in marriage simply means when couples (husband and wife) devote their marriage and lives to God Almighty. It is about having a strong believe in God that he is the Hallmark and the only foundation your marriage is built on. However, spiritual intimacy in marriage is not open for everyone to partake. It is a special gift, ingredient and achievement to those that walk in the ways of God and believe in and pleasing God in all things through Christ Jesus.

Growing Spiritual Intimacy in Marriage

1. Study the word of God Together God is Love and His words and ways we can only discover through the bible. Make out time with your spouse to study His words and putting them in practice everyday of your marriage. 2. Always Pray Together Praying together makes you gets more intimate as a couple. Therefore develop the habit of praying together and also holding hands while you pray. 3. Make Friends with Marriage Mentors Find mature Christian that is doing well in marriage and make friends with them. You and your spouse should draw closer them and taking marriage extra moral class through them. Study the ways of their lives and try incorporate such in your marriage. 4. Train Your Children in God's Ways One of the greatest responsibilities of couple's commitment to God is passing on their faith to their children. Plan together on how to make faith important for each child, and act on your strategies. 5. Treasure God Above Your Marriage It is written seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and every other things shall be added unto you. When you put God first in your marriage, you will see the reflection of His glory in your life and this will make your marriage to glow as well as your spouse coming closer to you as all you do will never hurt him or her. 6. Press on to Know Him More There is no magic to grow spiritual intimacy in marriage. It requires alot of time and strength that you might not feel like you have. But spiritual intimacy in marriage worth more than any sacrifices you might have to give to get there cos your wife or husband is worth the extra effort.

Benefits of Spiritual Intimacy in Marriage

  • It brings love celebration always
  • Makes you feel deeply connected to your spouse
  • It paves ways for God's plans in your to manifest
  • It creates room for bringing your deepest thoughts, desires and values into concrete agreement
  • Always blessing each with God's love and unity
  • Deeper and open communication between you and your spouse
  • It makes your marriage to stand strong and firm at all times


From what we have learned so far, marriage spiritual intimacy is the bedrock for a happy and everlasting marriage. It makes your marriage feel blessed as well as making your spouse feel relaxed emotionally and spiritually. It was also revealed that spiritual intimacy in marriage is met for those that believe in God in all ways. Therefore, you and your spouse have to develop your spiritual relationship with God then extend the love of God towards your marriage.

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