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The ability to build a happy home or marriage life is the top secret to many successful happy homes and marriages. The rules for happy family and marriage or elements for making a joyful home or marriage all depends on how you understands your family and your marriage. Knowing all these things is not hard if you follow the right procedures. The question how to make a happy home has been viral right from the days of humans' existence.
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What is Marriage What is Love? Does love matters in my marriage life? Do I need God in my marriage? When do I need God? As a man, do I need to make laws in my marriage? Should I as a man help my wife in domestic work? Building a Happy Home

What is Marriage

Good day! If you are reading this post, it therefore means that you are married or you are about to. For those that have not married, please carefully read below. What is marriage? Biblically, marriage is the legal union of a man and a woman that whole heartedly agreed to marry each other and become known as husband and wife. Marriage is also known as the coming together of man and woman to become one flesh. Note: The agreement must be concise and should come from both parties because it is an everlasting contract that should be never be broken. If broken, consequences follow.

What is Love?

Love is a discipline feeling that you develop for someone voluntarily. You are never forced to love neither would you ever be forced. You must learn to give your love to the one that makes you happy, the one that understands your feelings, the one that cares about you, and the one that shares the same placenta with you.
I know the word placenta here might put your heart in doubt. See below for the use in this article

Scientist have it proved that identical twin can exist if only they share the same placenta in the womb. In case of love, when your partner shares the same emotional placenta with you, you both will gradually look alike as you both ages in other words; both couples will be able to overlook each other flaws.

Does love matters in my marriage life?

Yes, in fact love is the bedrock of every happy home. You can’t have joy when there is no love in your family. Love is the master key to every happy home. You need love to grow, to be strong, to excel and to conquer. Marriage life is a battle field, good heart and love are the tools to conquer.
Love is air, love is illusion, love is an abstract, love is gas because, it takes any shape and never be confined physically or spiritually according to my believe.

Do I need God in my marriage?
Yes, you need God in your marriage and then in your life. A foolish man or woman will say “I don’t need God to survive in my marriage” but believe it or not, the battles you will face are not canal. Put God first in your marriage and everything will move on well in your family. God is the founder of marriage and love; he knows everything you need to live happily in your married life. When do I need God? You need God in all the days of your life, all your steps, plans and success.
Jeremiah 5:6 Wherefore a lion out of the forest shall slay them, and a wolf of the evenings shall spoil them, a leopard shall watch over their cities: every one that goeth out thence shall be torn in pieces: because their transgressions are many, and their backslidings are increased.

When you say God is of no use in your life then you face what the God of host said in Jeremiah 5:6. As a man, do I need to make laws in my marriage? Good question! Before answering this question, let’s take a look at a real life scenario then you and I will conclude the answer. In a community where there is no law, there will definitely be chaos, lawless attitude and everyday fighting and killing. In fact, only the strong will survive.
So, the answer is yes you need to make laws in your home. But, you have to be strict with the laws and review those laws from time to time based on your family experience.

Being a man does not mean that you should make laws that will go against the will of your wife, kids and family. Let your laws be the ones that can be adopted by anyone that come across them. When you see that the laws you made are becoming unbearable, review them and make amendment as quick as possible. Should I as a man help my wife in domestic work? Yes, you have to, in fact is very necessary! Am glad you called her your wife and not your slave. By the special grace of God, I’m a married man living happily with my family because I don’t over react.
In fact, every Saturdays and Sundays, I asked my wife to relax that I will take care of the house chores because these are the days am less busy. I cooked, washed and do anything that I can assist her with. I know some people will say am not man enough or because am a woman wrapper. Thank you, I accept but remember am living happily. This is the logic to build a happy home for yourself, wife and children.

Building a Happy Home
  1. Always do devotion, read Bible scriptures and pray with your family every morning and night
  2. Correct your wife's or children's mistakes with scriptures from Bible and made them see the reason they should never do it again
  3. Be flexible with your wife
  4. Be competent with your wife
  5. Show her love at all times and let that same love that makes you married her or asked her out the first time should always remain in your heart
  6. Avoid side chick cos the moment you have one, you start selling your family's joy and glory to her
  7. Develop the attitude of taking your family out once in a while even if there is no money, you can save it gradually
  8. If you are a busy type, at your leisure time play with your wife, children either in your house or any play ground
  9. Give your children the room to talk to you as your children that they are.
  10. Do not be too hash neither too soft but average
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Thanks for reading! To be continue in vol. 2. Kindly add your comments and share

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