Steps On How To Become A Contractor In Nigeria

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This article will provide information on the steps on how to become a contractor in Nigeria and also provide answers to questions regarding how to become a contractor in Nigeria.

Who is a Contractor

A general contractor, main contractor or prime contractor is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of a construction site, management of vendors and trades, and the communication of information to all involved parties throughout the course of a building project.

Types of Contractors

There are basically two types of contractors which are the general contractor and the Special trade contractors. The general contractors are subdivided into:
  • Carpenter
  • Electrician
  • Unless you’re going totally off the grid, you’re probably going to need an electrician to wire up your house.
  • Drywaller
  • Drywall is what actually makes up a typical wall in a house (it’s usually made of gypsum), and there are subcontractors who specialize in its installation.
  • Plastering
  • Plastering a wall is a more labor-intensive and time-intensive process than drywalling, and thus there are plastering subcontractors who specialize in the technique.
  • Painter
  • You need a painter to get some color on your walls.
  • Wallpaper Installer
  • Heating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Mason
  • If you’re interested in installing stonework into your home, from marble countertops to stone pavers on in your yard to a stone-clad fireplace, you’ll want to hire a mason.
  • Roofer
  • You need to replace your roof at some point if you’re a homeowner
  • Excavator
  • If you’re building your house from scratch, or tacking on a new addition, you’ll have to work with an excavator to work on clearing the earth from your land in preparation for laying a foundation.
  • Demolition
  • Landscapers
  • Hire a landscaping contractor to help you plant new greenery or mulch your flowerbeds.
  • Concrete Specialist
  • Ironworker
  • Steelworker
  • Steelworkers, like ironworkers, are also better known for large-scale projects
  • Tile Setting
  • Floor Laying
  • Glass and Glazing
Work with a glass and glazing contractor to sort out your glass needs.

Special Trade Contractors

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) lists dozens of “special trade contractors” who don’t necessarily fit into any of the main categories, like artificial turf installers, posthole diggers, mobile home site setup and tie-down contractors, and our personal favorite, bowling alley installers.

What is the Role of a Contractor?

In general terms, a contractor is responsible for planning, leading, executing, supervising and inspecting a building construction project. Contractors accomplish their duties by planning activities, supervising workers, and ensuring the project follows local codes and laws.

What is Qualification of Contractor?

Contractor should have experience in providing services for a minimum of 3 years in respective field. Details of company information with organization structure, list of manpower with the CVs of key personnel, plant and machinery list mentioning year of manufacturing, support agencies, other facilities and resources.

Requirements of Becoming a Contractor in Nigeria

There is a standard requirement provision made available by the regulatory body for federal contractors. All federal contractors are required to register with the Bureau of Public Procurement. This is the national database for all contractors in Nigeria and streamlines the activities of all federal contractors. A temporary ID is given to interested applicants after having supplied their email addresses. This ID sent to the email address provided is used to access the Bureau’s website. On the website, the following are to be submitted;
  • A classification of business information
  • Business Categorization Information
  • An ITF (Industrial Training Fund) certification showing a detailed history of contributions to the fund
  • A company key personnel information
  • Company tax compliance information which reveals the level of compliance to tax payment
  • The company registration details are a key criteria needed to qualify for registration
  • For businesses categorized under “goods,” a manufacturer representative information is required
  • Companies classified under the services sector are required to submit a professional body regulatory information
  • Information on employee pension compliance is also to be presented

Classification of Contractors

Some establishments require additional information before being considered for a contract. Some of them include;
  • A reference from a bank of reputable standing standing for the contractor
  • A record of annual audited accounts
  • A Value-Added-Tax (VAT) registration certificate

How do I Become a Contractor?

  • Earn an Associate's Degree
  • Obtain a Position in Construction
  • Obtain a License
  • Become a Contractor
  • Obtain Voluntary Certification
    • What to Know Before becoming a Contractor?

      • Do you have the right mentality?
      • What are the financial implications?
      • How will the change affect your lifestyle?
      • Will you set up as a limited company or use an umbrella company?
      • What impact does contracting have on benefit packages?

      How should contractors be paid?

      • Checks
      • Tried and true, checks are simple, relatively cheap, and there's no need to sign up for an app or money transfer service.
      • ACH Transfers
      • Credit Cards
      • Wire Transfers
      • Online Payment Systems
      • Accounting Software

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