How To Block Bank ATM Card In Nigeria If Stolen Or Lost

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Nothing could be more troublesome and aching than someone who lost a valuable access to where his or her tressure is. You are here on this page cos you searched for how can I block my ATM card due to the fact that it is lost to some hoodlums. Kindly accept my sincere condolences cos I know how you might be feeling by now mostly when it has to deal with money in the bank. It is no doubt that as security sectors tried as much as possible to reduce fraudulent activities, same way the hackers are dedicating themselves to find out vulnerabilities and means to bypass. ALSO READ Nigeria banks transfer code The bank is always a target when it comes to financial issues. Meaning you, who saves money in the bank is also a target and therefore have to be extremely careful. But most times, revised is the case as you might be attack by criminals and might lose your ATM card on the process. Gone are the ages where your bank money can't be tempered with even if someone has access to your complete ATM card details, there is still need for OTP before authorization. Now, technology has advanced than that. With just your card details, Sir/Ma, your account can be emptied in less than minutes in the hand of advance criminals. However, worry not, there is a way out for you to block the stolen card. In this post, you will learn how to block ATM card using USSD, email, voice, internet banking and mobile app.

How To Block First Bank ATM Card Via SMS

how to block first bank ATM card
Blocking your First Bank ATM card via SMS is very easy. Just send "BLOCK" as text message to 30012 from the SIM card that is linked to your First Bank Account. Within 24 hours your ATM card will be blocked and you can’t withdraw or make payment with it again. Now you need to visit any First Bank branch and apply for a new ATM card.

How to Block First Bank ATM Card Using Mobile Application

If you have first bank mobile app in your phone, follow these steps
  1. Open the app then enter your login details and wait for the dashboard to load.
  2. Tap the menu icon at the top left side of the app window as shown below
  3. Select card services from the displayed menus as depicted below
  4. IMG 2
  5. Select the Card Type (in this post, am using Debit Card). And the next window will show you the available cards. You can swap left for next available card.
  6. IMG 3
  7. Turn Off all the available options as shown on the image below
That s all. You have successfully blocked your card.

How to Block Zenith Bank ATM Card Using Mobile Application

how to block zenith bank atm card if stolen
If you already have zenith bank mobile app installed on your phone, then
  1. Log in to the app
  2. Tap on the menu icon and select Cards and Cheques.
  3. Select Deactivate Card under Type
  4. Enter a reason for deactivation
  5. .
  6. Tap on continue.
  7. For further assistance, you can contact them via phone call using the following numbers 012787000, 014647000 and 012927000.

    How To Block GTB ATM Card Using SMS

    how to block GTB atm card if stolen
    In order To block your GTB ATM card through SMS, send HOTLIST NUBAN to 08076665555 from your registered mobile number with the bank. Replaced the NUBAN with the 10 digits of your account number linked to the card. You can as well contact the GTConnect using the following contacts. 0700GTConnect (0700482666328), 01-4480000, 08039003900 or 08029002900 to request for your ATM card to be deactivated immediately.

    How to Block GTB ATM Card Using Internet Banking

    You can also log in to your Internet Banking account and block your ATM card by following the steps below:
    1. Click on the Cards icon and then the Card hotlist link
    2. Select Card Number and Request Reason
    3. Input your secret question answer.
    4. Click Continue and input the generated token, then Click Submit button.
    5. A screen will pop-up asking you to confirm the deactivation of your ATM card. Say yes

    How to Block Fidelity Bank ATM Card

    Fidelity ATM card can be blocked via USSD. Dial *770*911# on your registered phone number and follow the prompts. A list of ATM cards linked to your account will be shown. Select the particular one you will like to block. You can also send mail to the Fidelity Bank to block your ATM card via email at trueserve@fidelitybank.ng, true.serve@fidelitybank.ng.

    How to Block Stanbic IBTC Bank ATM Card Using SMS

    how to block Stanbic IBTC bank atm card if stolen
    You can simply block your Stanbic IBTC Bank without visiting their branch by just dialing *909#. After that choose my Bank, choose service request and finally choose block card.

    How to Block Stanbic IBTC Bank ATM Card Using USSD

    Simply send Block card AccountNumber to 30909 via your registered phone number. Replaced the AccountNumber with the 10-digits of your account number Link to the card.

    How to Block Union Bank ATM Card

    how to block union bank atm card if stolen
    To block your Union Bank ATM card text BLOCK CARD AccountNumber via SMS to 20123 using the phone number registered on your account e.g BLOCK CARD 0088574342.

    How to Block Access Bank ATM Card

    how to block access bank atm card if stolen
    You can also block your Access Bank ATM Card using their updated mobile app. If you lost your Access Bank Debit Card, call 1.800.554.8969 and if you lost your Credit Card, call 1.800.558.3424 immediately to block the card. ALSO READ how do I check my BVN details

    How To Block Sterling Bank ATM Card

    how to block sterling bank atm card if stolen
    If you want to block your Sterling Bank ATM Card, simply contact them via email at customercare@sterlingbankng.com or call them on 070078375464. You can also reach them via their social handler below.

    How to Block WEMA Bank ATM Card

    how to block wema bank atm card if stolen
    To deactivate your WEMA bank ATM card through text message, text CARD ATM OFF to 33352 using your registered number with them. You can also block your WEMA bank ATM card either using mobile app or Internet Banking.

    How to Block Unity Bank ATM Card

    If you suspect any fraudulent activity or you lost your Unity Bank ATM Card, you can request them to instantly block your ATM card through a phone call on +2347080666000, +2347057323226, +2347057323227 OR you can email them on we_care@unitybankng.com or visit their official website www.unitybankng.com.

    How to Block Keystone Bank ATM Card

    how to block keystone bank atm card if stolen
    To block your Keystone Bank ATM Card kindly send them an email via contactcentre@keystonebankng.com or call them on +234 700 2000 3000.

    How To Block UBA ATM Card

    how to block uba bank atm card if stolen
    To block a lost or stolen UBA ATM/Debit Card, simply dial *919*10# from your mobile line that is linked with the Bank account. An alternative, you can contact UBA to help you out by reaching them on 2347002255822 or you can shoot them an email on cfc@ubagroup.com

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