Best Tips on How to Start Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria

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Bulk SMS business is one of the best online lucrative business. How to start bulk SMS business in Nigeria is easy and am going to show you. Bulksms is a means of sending SMS in bulk to mobile subscribers and it has opened job opportunities to many enterpreneurs since it's innovation because nowadays, no one ever wants to be addicted to poverty but still some people are still falling victims despite the opened opportunities. In this article, I am going to walk you through the step by step process you need to start your own bulk sms business and make money even why at home and at sleep then at the end say bye to poverty.
Starting Bulk SMS and Online Business
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1. Introduction 2. Types of Business 3. Bulk SMS 4. Bulk SMS Reseller 5. Things Needed To Start 6. Starting the Bulk SMS Business 6. Conclusion


Today, I am going to expose to you what some young internet users have been using to make money silently but will never reveal to you or their friends. When it comes to silent money making, the first thing to come to your mind should be Internet. Yes! Internet, this word always ring a bell at the ear of every hearer. Internet can be used for bad motives as well as good motives. In this article, you and I is going to focus on the good motives only. There are many business to do online ranging from exams scratch cards, data bundle, vtu, bulk SMS and selling products, but am focusing on BulkSMS.

Bulk SMS

Yeees, bulk SMS is one of the online lucrative businesses in Nigeria. Me and you is aware of the fact that there is always a high demand for bulk SMS due to here and there events. Without doubt, small and large businesses, churches, political parties, banks, schools e.t.c used it as means of advertising their services to thier targeted customers on daily basis. Knowing the huge amount of money it will cost them if they eventually use their normal SIM cards, they always prefer the alternative aka Bulk SMS. So joyfully starting bulk SMS business is really profitable and it is a business that requires little cash to start.

Bulk SMS Reseller

Bulk SMS Reseller is a person that registered under bulk SMS company. For a start, I would prefer this method for you cause owning bulk SMS company of your own requires huge amount of money. But starting as a reseller requires little amount of money if you locate the right source which I will reveal to you soonest.
Things Needed To Start
1. Mobile phone 2. Laptop or PC 3. Modem(optional if you hotspot phone) 4. Website 5. Domain name
Starting the Bulk SMS Business
1. Mobile phone: Before you can start bulksms business you will definitely need a phone which you already have if you are not viewing this site with PC. The phone will serve as the device that you will use to be viewing your site but I will really advise you get a PC if you don't have one cos not all sites are mobile friendly. 2. Laptop or PC: Using PC or laptop will definitely boost your ability as you will be able to see your screen well in larger form. And beside, all website are designed for PC. 3. Website Developing a bulksms website is very far far different from developing a site like blog or tutorial because there are many things that need to be put in place else trust me, you will definitely lose everything to Internet fraudster. You should get the service of a well skilled programmer (e.g Emmason, founder of this site) to help you do that. Or you can register with this site, ask for bulk SMS Reseller platform which should not cost you more than #10,000.00. Why I love this site is that they make life easier not because am posting but because am a living witness. I got my own site for as low as #10,000.00 and get my domain name as low as #2,000.00, host the site with #4,000.00. Thanks to Emmason for making all these possible and I never worried about the security as they have all these covered for me. I also sell scratch cards on my platform which I will buy at discount rate from Emmason and sell to make profit. But if you don't like to try them, you can proceed. 2. Register with bulk SMS wholesaler Look for reliable SMS wholesaler online that has good reviews and have been in the business for long, as well as offer good services and register. Trust me, as a reseller you will be buying SMS unit from them and sell to your customers. Most SMS wholesalers will definitely provide you with your own bulk SMS reselling platform but their charges will scare you away just as it happened to me until I located Emmason Integrated Services official website. I was asked to pay a connection fee of #31,250 to have my own site and domain set up for me, pay minimum of #25,000.00 to buy SMS units. So you see how expensive it was so I decided to find my level. I never regretted of using Emmason cause I have no programming skills neither do I need to worry about the security. Click this link Emmason Bulk SMS Platform to have understanding of how bulk SMS platform looks like. 3. Buy SMS units After registering with the wholesaler, you would need to buy a specific volume of SMS units to start your SMS business. You can start with 5,000 units. The wholesaler will credit your account after purchase with the number of units you bought and send you guidelines for setting up reselling portal if you do not have one. 4. Advertise Your Business Publiciziy or advertising your business is one of the most important aspect in making profit from this business. You will have to advertise your SMS business both online, offline and to your friends and families. The last but not the least, ensure your customers' satisfaction through timely delivery, high delivery rate using good customer relations in offering competitive and affordable rates to your customers. Conclusion Online business is one of the most lucrative business in the world at large. So let's use it as opportunity to explore our pocket.

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