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The traditional method of addressing celebrities and Notable public figures through letters is almost extinct save for a few people who decide to go the formal way. With the advent of social media, individuals who previously had no means of gaining access to celebrities and important personalities in all industries can now do so. This article will provide information on the steps on how to address the president of Nigeria in a letter and also provide answers to questions regarding letter writing to the president of the Federation.

Rules Guiding Your Letter Writing to the President

  • The first thing you have to decide on is your purpose for writing to the president. This is because your purpose will determine the medium you will employ to get your letter across to him/her
  • If your purpose of writing the letter is to express appreciation for a good deed or make a request, the best way to do it is by addressing it in a closed, formal letter following all the rules and principles guiding formal letter writing
  • If you are writing to congratulate, berate or just to draw attention to a particular situation, it is recommended to write an open letter that can be posted on either print or social media. This is because if the subject of your letter is one of the highlighted subjects in the previous paragraph, chances are that it will get lost in transit if directly addressed to the president in an enclosed format, especially if the content is not pleasant. The letter, at the end of the day, might not even get to be seen by the president and this totally defeats the whole purpose of writing the letter in the first place
  • If you are using the social media or even print media to pass across your message, there is a possibility that it will be an issue that is of relevance to the general public to the extent that support can be garnered thereby turning it into a trending topic and attracting attention to the issue. Chances are that another important celebrity or personality in the government or its parastatals, e.g special adviser on media, can have his/her attention drawn to the contents of the letter and at the end of the day, call the attention of the president. You might even get a reply (a special appointment) and relevant changes will be made based on the content of your letter

The Types of Letter That can be Addressed to the President of Nigeria

There are two major types of letters that can be addressed to the president of Nigeria and they include:
  • Formal Closed Letter
  • This letter is best used for appreciation and to make a request. After deciding your purpose for the letter and drafting out what you want to be included.
    • Write your address at the top right hand corner of the document
    • Followed by the date of the day you are writing the letter. It should be directly under your address
    • Write the address of the president on the next left paragraph as written below:
    • Nigerian Presidential Complex, Aso Rock Presidential Villa, Abuja, Nigeria.
    • After writing the address, do not forget the salutation. Address the president as Dear President (insert full official name)
    • Write the heading of the letter which will give one a brief idea of what is contained in the letter or the purpose of the letter
    • When you have completed the above process, then you can begin writing the letter. It will be sensible for you to have a draft at hand in order to avoid mistakes in the letter which will call for a rewrite
    • Start by introducing yourself, then state the reason for your letter
    • While concluding your letter, appreciate the president for reading and ask politely for response or feedback regarding your request
    • Close with ‘Yours faithfully’, and sign your full name. Use good quality paper material to write your letter or better still, type it for a better presentation. Package it properly and post it to the address stated above
    • Open Letter
    There are a lot of benefits to using this method to get your message across to the president. Before you address this letter to the President, you should have done thorough research and have valid points to raise. This is because your letter will be seen by anyone who cares to read it and there are a lot of knowledgeable people in Nigeria who have a wealth of information at their disposal just waiting to showcase.
    • Start with the date at the top right hand corner of the document
    • Followed by the salutation at the left hand side of the next paragraph. E.g Dear President (insert name)
    • Begin the letter with a greeting. Remember to be polite as it is not proper to insult a president; sitting or past
    • Go straight to the point and state the reason for writing your letter
    • Let your points be brief and concise as well as valid because no one wants to read a long letter reeking of shallowness
    • Touch every issue you want to address and after doing so, end with an appreciation to the president for reading
    • Also express your desire that the issues pointed out would be tackled as soon as possible. Sign your name on the next paragraph

    Sample of a Letter Addressed to the Nigerian President

    Sample of a Letter Addressed to the Nigerian President

    Formatting Your Letter to the President

    When drafting a letter to the president, please keep these formatting guidelines in mind.
    • Letters to the president should be submitted on standard 8.5" x 11" paper
    • Typing is preferred. If, for some reason, you opt to send a handwritten letter, be sure to use ink (rather than pencil or another writing instrument) and ensure that it is neat and legible
    • The greeting should specify either "Dear President [Last Name]," or "Dear [Mr. or Ms.] President,"
    • As a letter to the president is a formal document, so it's best to use a standard business letter format
    • Write a draft of your letter, then proofread carefully to ensure that it conveys your intended meaning and is free from errors

    How do you address a formal letter to the president?

    Begin your letter: “Dear Mr./Madam President.” This is the polite and expected salutation with which all written addresses to the president should begin. Do not use the president's name in your correspondence. Continue to refer to them as Mr. or Madam President.

    Can I write a letter to President of India?

    Being a ordinary citizen of India, every one has the right to write to the President of India and for that there cannot be fixed formats or rules to be followed. But due care must be taken that you are addressing the letter to the First Citizen of India.

    Who lives in Aso Rock?

    The current tenants of Aso Villa is Muhammadu Buhari, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the First family. Yemi Osinbajo, Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and family.


    Expect all kinds of feedback from your letter both positive, negative and downright brutal. Take it all in good stride and do not be deterred. Do not hesitate to become an agent of change.

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