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By JEROME MICHAEL EBRUPHIYO/How To/Monday, August 16, 2021

Simple Steps on How to Enter Backstage View in Microsoft Word 2007

Today, we shall discuss on how to enter backstage view on MS Word 2007. It will interest you to know that the back stage view serves as core area place for managing your documents, printing of documents, sharing of documents, creating new documents, saving and opening documents etc. This post is going to provide answers to questions like: How can I learn Microsoft Word? How do you use Microsoft Word step by step? What are Microsoft Word features? How do I write a letter in Microsoft Word? How do you format a formal letter in Word? What are basic units of MS Word? and also provide information on simple steps on how to enter backstage View in Microsoft Word 2007. You can view the backstage by simply clicking on the office button located in the upper-left corner of the Word Ribbon and it will display as shown in the diagram below:
Simple Steps on How to Enter Backstage View in Microsoft Word 2007
assuming you have opened document before, it will display a window showing detail about the opened document. Some of the options that will be displayed include:
  • Save Option: Assuming there is an opened document, the document will be "saved as" or it will display a dialogue box asking for the document name if its not saved
  • Save As Option: It will display a dialogue box including "Save as Word Document" Save as Word Template" Save as Word 97-2003 Document" "Save as OpenDocument Text" "Save as PDF or XPS" and "Save as Other Formats.
  • Open Option: It is used to open an existing word document
  • New Option: It is used to open a new document
  • Print Option: It is used to print an open document, and it includes ''Print" ''Quick Print'' and ''Print Preview"
  • Prepare Option: When you click on the "prepare Option" it will display a dialogue box including:
    • Properties: View and edit document properties such as Title, Author and keywords
    • Inspect Documents: Used to check document for hidden metadata or personal information
    • Encrypy Document: Used to increase the security of the document by adding encryption
    • Restrict Permission: Used to grant people access but restricting ability to edit, copy and print
    • Add a Digital Signature: Used to ensure the integrity of the document by adding an indivisible digital signature
    • Mark as Final: Used to allow readers to know that the document is final and make it as read-only
    • Publish Option: When you click on this icon, it will display a dialogue box which include:
      • Blog: Used to creat a new blog post with the content of the document
      • Document Management Server: Used to share a document by saving it to a document management server
      • Creat Document Workspace: Used to creat a new site for document and keep the local document synchronized
    • Send Option: It is used to send an opened document either my email, email by PDF attachment, email as XPS attachment or by internet fax
    • Close Option: It is used to close an open document
  • How to Exit Backstage View

    If you want to exit the backstage view, you can decide to click on the Office Button or you click on the Esc key on the keyboard.


    I believe by now, you can access the backstage on the Word 2007 and also perform some tasks as well using the backstage view.
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