List Of Major Icons Visible On The Microsoft Word 2007

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Having known what Microsoft Word means and how to open the application on your PC, we are now going to highlight some visible icons which will be displayed on your screen once you have successfully opened the MS Word 2007 application on your PC. This post is going to provide answers to questions like: How can I learn Microsoft Word? How do you use Microsoft Word step by step? What are Microsoft Word features? How do I write a letter in Microsoft Word? How do you format a formal letter in Word? What are basic units of MS Word? and also provide information on the list of major visible icons on the Microsoft Word 2007.
List Of Major Icons Visible On The Microsoft Word 2007

1. Quick Access Toolbar Icon

The Quick Access Toolbar is at the top-left corner of the Word and it is an easy area for almost all commands used in MS Word.

2. Ribbon Icon

This Icon comprises of other tools organized in 3 different components which include;
  • Tabs: The Ribbon Tabs are Home, Insert, and Page Layout
  • Groups: Ribbon Groups can be group of commands related to fonts or group of commands related to alignment and so on
  • Commands: Ribbon Commands usually appears on each group as stated in Ribbon groups

3. Title bar Icon

The Title bar Icon reveals the program and document title on Word.

4. Ruler Icon

There are two Rulers in MS Word and they are the horizontal ruler and a vertical ruler. Horizontal ruler can be sen below the Ribbon which is used to set margins and tab stops. Vertical ruler can be seen at the left edge of the MS Word and is used to gauge the vertical position of elements on the page.

5. Help Icon

Help Icon is used to achieve word related search anytime you like.

6. Zoom Control Icon

This Icon allows you to magnify word texts or decrease word texts on your document.

7. View Buttons Icon

The View Botton Icon consist of five buttons located to the left of the Zoom control and it allows you to change view of documents on Word. This Icon consist of:
  • Print Layout view: Shows pages exactly as they will appear when printed
  • Full Screen Reading view: Provides full screen view of the document
  • Web Layout view: Displays how will document appear when viewed by a Web browser, such as Internet Explorer
  • Outline view: Enable you to work with outlines established using Word’s standard heading styles
  • Draft view: Enables formating of text as it appears on the printed page with exception of headers and footers

8. Document Area or Arena

The Document Area/Arena is the apportioned space for typing your documents. There is an insertion point that represents the location where text will appear during typing at the document area.

9. Status Bar Icon

The Status Bar Icon comprises of the total number of pages and words in the document, language and so on.

10. Dialog Box Launcher Icon

The Dialog Box Launcher Icon is a small arrow in the lower-right corner of many groups on the Ribbon which is used to provide more options about the group.


I believe that at the end of this session, you should be familiar with all the icons on Microsoft Word 2007 application. Try and see if you can identify them one after the other on your own.

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