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By Nuelson Penuel/How To/Wednesday, July 14, 2021

How to Check Airtel Phone Number|How to Check Glo Phone Number|How to Check MTN Phone Number and How to Check Etisalat Phone Number in Nigeria

Most times, you might forget your phone number not because you don't know it but maybe as a result of too much thinking. Or you bought the Sim card new. Whichever way, in this post, am answering questions like how do I check my phone number on Glo, Airtel, MTN and Etisalat.

How to Check My MTN Number in Nigeria

Dial *663# or Dial *123# and follow onscreen process that follows.

How to Check My Etisalat Number in Nigeria

Simply dial *248# and your number will be displayed.

How to Check My Airtel Number in Nigeria

To check and know your mobile phone number on Airtel, dial *121# Follow the onscreen instruction.

How to Check My Glo Number in Nigeria

Dial *135*8# on your Glo enabled phone and your number displays on your screen.
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