Airtel, Glo, 9Mobile and MTN customer care numbers in Nigeria

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Customer care line is always your next target to reach whenever you are having difficulties with your sim card, airtime, data bundle and other numerous issues. So in this blog post, am going to show you the customer care numbers and other means of contact of all mobile networks in Nigeria. Also readGoTV customer care number

MTN customer care number

MTN company has the widest coverage in the country, and of course, such a big amount of customers requires qualitative customers service. To reach MTN customer care officer one on one on voice calls, you can try the following 1. Dial 180 or 181 from your or any MTN line then follow the voice prompt. If your MTN card is damaged and you couldn't get access to any MTN line but you have other networks then step 2 is for you 2. Call 08031000180 from other networks and +2348031000180 from abroad

MTN customer care email

If you feel that you can't express your self well on voice, then the email choice is best for you. Send email to customercare@mtnnigeria.net It should be said that the customers of MTN are categorized into two main groups: premium subscribers and standard subscribers. The customers who stay with MTN for a long time refers to premium customers.

Airtel customer care number

Airtel is one of the leading Nigerian telecommunications network with well-trained customer service. The network can give any information, answer any question, and provide the help to the customers at any time. 1. Customer Care Line - 111/121 2. Data Helpdesk - 4141 3. Postpaid Helpline - 131 4. Customer Feedback Line - 170 5. Dealer Helpline - 190 For self service access, try the following USSD; 6. Self Service Code - *121# Free SMS Balance - *456*2# Airtel also have Self Care App through which you can easily check your data balance, account balance, special offers, and subscriptions. The application also gives you the ability to send customer complaints or questions to the service workers. All the services of the application are free, just visit the official website. Should in case you need to download the app, check this page http://www.africa.airtel.com to install the app.

9Mobile customer care number

Etisalat customer care number

Etisalat is known for one of the fastest customer services among the biggest mobile connection providers in Nigeria. The customer service agents are ready to answer any question, give you information about tariffs, airtime, bonuses and so on. Voice Call 1. Dial *200# and speak with the representative of Etisalat mobile You are not in Nigeria, then dial +234-809-0000200 for international calls You want to call from other networks within Nigeria, then dial 0809-0000200 Feel that you can't fully express your self on voice calls, then step 2 is for you. 2. Send email to care@etisalat.com.ng 3. Or use their online chat service at the web page http://etisalat.com.ng/esupport/

Glo customer care number

Glo customer care representatives can help any customer at any time if there is such a need. And now we are going to talk about Glo customer care service. 1. Voice calls, dial any of the following 121 - to talk with the customer agent 24/7, the number is free, and you can discuss there any question related to Glo network 444 - This is a special number for the questions related to the internet connection. The call to this service is free 500 - this line is created to give the information about latest offers, tariffs, codes, and services. It is also free 171 - so-called “Glo Hurry Help Line”. This is the number of fast help, you don’t need to wait if you call this number but it costs N20 Feel that you can't fully express your self on voice calls, then step 2 is for you. 2. Send an email to customercare@gloworld.com Or call +229-98-121-121 or +229-98-030-151 Or use glo live chat service at www.gloworld.com. You will see the chat icon, just click it and start the communication with the representative

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