How To Correct/Change/Update/Check BVN Date Of Birth, Phone Number and Details

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If you are the type that always go to bank, then you will know that most people always complaint of error in their BVN details such as Date of Birth, Name and Phone Number as these are the information that are always entered by typing. No human is free from making mistakes mostly when it comes to typing or filling of information using computer system and as such, the bankers are not exempted from such mistakes. However, try as much as possible to avoid mistake when filling any form at bank for account opening or other forms that require BVN number. Make sure the names and dates of birth details you give correspond with the one on your BVN. Nevertheless, anything that has to do with automated systems always have a way of amendment or corrections. This option is made available due to the fact that the system developers knows humans are likely to make errors in course of registration or filling of forms. In this post, you will learn how to correct/change/update/check BVN Date Of Birth, Phone Number & Details using any of the networks and bank.

How to Check BVN Date of Birth Online

Technology makes solution to most things smarter but not in this case of BVN details checking at least for now.In you future, maybe! Of a truth, you can actually check your BVN date of birth, phone number and other details but only at the bank. You might be asking why wouldn't I be able to check my BVN details online if really it's an automated system. Well my dear, it is for your own safety as millions of hackers are dedicated to hijacking of sensitive information.

Requirements for Change or Correction of BVN Details

Before you can make any changes or update on your BVN details such as name, date of birth, and phone number, you need to tender any of the following documents according to the data affected:
  • For date of birth, you will need birth certificate.
  • To change names and other details due to marriage: Marriage certificate as proof.
  • For a change of names, phone number: You will need an international passport, national identity card, or voters card showing the correct name.
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How to Change BVN Name After Marriage

This is one is strictly for the women. As custom in Africa; Nigeria precisely, once a man legally paid a woman's bride price, the woman will start answering the man's name. At this point, all the documents that the woman's intend to have in future will start reflecting the husband's name including bank details to avoid unnecessary issues in future. When you make any changes at bank, it doesn't reflect on BVN database automatically. Therefore, you have to apply for th change on BVN platform at bank. In order to apply for change of name after marriage, make sure you have your marriage certificate, enter any branch of your bank with the marriage certificate and ask for BVN data correction form.

How to Change Phone Number on your BVN

Am sure the only thing that can make you apply for change of phone number on BVN is either you lost SIM card or it is damaged. Though you can get your BVN in from bank or from your documented record, there are times that you may not be privileged to have access to any of these. Hence, is only your BVN registered SIM card that can rescued you at such critical times. ALSO READ how to check BVN using glo, MTN, airtel and 9mobile However, if you are the type that have lost your SIM card, it will be difficult to get your BVN. And as such, there is need to change the phone number as you will always need your BVN registration number many times during any banking application or even when applying for a federal job or other beneficial programmes. To change your BVN phone number, walk into any branch of your bank and apply for change of phone number by asking the bank staff on seat for BVN data correction form. ALSO READ Nigeria banks transfer code #How to Apply for Correction/Change of BVN Name In order to apply for correction of name on your BVN profile that resulted as a result of omission of name or typographical error, you will have to present international passport, National ID, National Identity Number that shows the correct name you intend change to as a prove. Once you have any of these, visit any of your bank branch then request for BVN data correction. Fill the form carefully and submit to the bank personnel in charge of the BVN.ational ID.

How to change BVN Number Online

The simple answer is there no way to check your BVN number here.

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