Ego and Pride:Resolving the Issue before it Escalate

Admin Wednesday, June 10, 2020 Inspiration

Ego and pride simply means feeling too highly esteemed before others. No matter what you did wrong, you always consider yourself supreme and never see any reason for you to beg. Pride in the other hand simply means feeling to pompous because of what you have. Resolving the Issue before it Escalate It is quite obvious that some of us have; *Lost alot *Missed alot *Suffered alot *Faced alot *And cried alot in our quite time *Experienced broken relationship JUST because of PRIDE and EGO Ego and Pride are two different words but have the same features and meaning when it comes to distruction of friendship. Let go of your EGO and subdue your PRIDE. Ego and Pride can make you barter words with your partner, neighbor, children, boyfriend and girlfriend for over 30 minutes. But There is only one word that can make you resolve the ISSUE before it escalates and that word is SORRY... Learn how to say Sorry at all times even when you are right or wrong. No matter who you are, No matter your reputation, No matter your your star Is only through sorry you can keep Your friendship going Your home happy Your family United Emmason

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