Pre-intended School Resumption Date Has Finally Be Revealed By Federal Government

Admin Thursday, April 9, 2020 News

Nigeria Federal Government has revealed new resumption date for school in Nigeria. The Government is suggesting Monday 4th of May 2020 for both the Universities, Polytechnics, colleges students to resume in Nigeria but the final date will be announced by the Government if the COVID-19 in Nigeria proved to be reduced dramatically. Monday 4th of May 2020 may not be viable as the Government is still contemplating whether to extend the lockdown in Lagos, Abuja and Ogun State. All students are therefore advised to wait for new resumption date that will be announced by the Federal Government when everything about COVID-19 is settled. The Government has, therefore, intensified effort to stop COVID-19 in Nigeria. Also to help fight against the COVID-19, the Nigerian Government has invited the Chinese medical experts to sell their wisdom of experience in combating the coronavirus pandemic. We may recall that Mr Sonny Echono on behalf of the Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Education, Adamu Adamu directed all 104 Unity Schools in the Country should close on or before 26th of March 2020 for a period of one month as a proactive measure to contain the spread of the Coronavirus also known as COVID-19. The Government has advised students to studies at home and take advantage of online materials. Most Nigerians are eager to know the new resumption date as some of them stormed the internet to search the resumption date. The search term such as: when is school resuming in Nigeria 2020, news on school resumption date, school resumption date in Nigeria 2020, school resumption, when are schools resuming, resumption date for schools in Nigeria, when will school resume in Nigeria.

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