Pope Francis Gives Stern Warning About COVID-19 Vaccine

Nuelson Penuel Wednesday, August 19, 2020 News


Pope Francis
The head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State, Pope Francis has issued a stern warning against prioritizing the reach for COVID-19 vaccine. The respected clergy said this on Wednesday, August 19 during his weekly interaction with a public audience, DPA reports. According to him, charity efforts were not enough to support the less privileged. He urged people in authority for a fairer economic development model that would address the root causes of inequality. “The pandemic is a crisis. You don’t come out of it the same – either better or worse. We must come out better,” he said. Pope admonished the world not to return to social injustice and degradation of the natural environment, adding that the dreaded COVID-19 disease should serve as an opportunity to build a better society. “We are all worried for the social consequences of the pandemic, all of us. Many want to go back to normal and resume economic activities”, the Pope noted.

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