Governor Obaseki Godwin Loses One of his Top Political Aides and Supporter

Okugbe Samuel Wednesday, August 5, 2020 News


Governor Obaseki Godwin
It is a big blow to Governor Obaseki Godwin face as he loses one of his top political aides and supporters. Today, we received a report from one of our reporters that the Special Assistant (Onos Agatha) to Edo state Governor Obaseki Godwin who is supposed to stand by the governor for the election ahead scheduled on September 19 sent her resignation letter to the governor today. Meanwhile, she stated her reasons for resignation boldly on the resignation letter and also thank Governor Obaseki Godwin for allowing her to serve under his administration. Here is her reason as reported by the reporter.
Sir, I am resigning as a result of my loyalty to the All Progressives Congress (APC) where you Governor Obaseki Godwin decamped from to join the PDP.

Once again, she thank the Governor for his kindness towards her.

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