Peacock Asked Allah For Forgiveness For Condemning Goodluck Jonathan Over Naira Value In 2015

Nuelson Penuel Monday, August 31, 2020 News


A Kano State man has taken to the social media, Twitter precisely to ask God to forgive him for condemning the previous administration while in power. The man who is identified as Peacock [@dawisu] on the bird app on Monday, August 31 asked for God’s Mercy over a tweet by him in 2015 which condemned and seek for the removal of former president, Goodluck Jonathan from office due to dollar hike. Dawisu recalled his tweet which protest against the value of Nigerian Naira to dollar which rises from 155 to 205 during the Jonathan’s administration. The tweet reads; “Jonathan inherited a Naira value of 155 to dollar but Naira today traded at 205 to a dollar” However, considering the present Naira value to dollar among other challenges faced under the present administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari, Dawisu was regretful of his comments and he asked God to forgive him for criticising Jonathan during his tenure. He tweeted in the Hausa language; “Allah na tuba Ka yard ni”, meaning; ‘Allah I am sorry please forgive me.”

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