Pastor Arrested for Holding Service Corona Virus Outbreak

Admin Sunday, May 17, 2020 News

Pastor Arrested-Could This Really Be Corona Virus Plague or End Time Tactics To Deprive The Children of God From Heavenly Race
Our people is the right time we need to review this issue of Corona virus with wisdom and understanding. This morning, police and vigilante group parading all the streets in Ozoro looking for churches whose population is more than 50 or whatever to arrest.

The most painful part was that could not have fear for God they arrested Ebenezer Anglican Church innocent Pastor just because he is preaching the word of God inside church. The question is, are these people really doing just to prevent the spread of this virus? If yes, CORONAVIRUS and EBOLA, which one is more dreadful? My people, all these are signs of end time. We should get prepared cos rapture is about to take place. Maybe, now the true meaning of ... Verification Number is beginning to surface. The three dots you seen stands for a word that should be completed by you and not us. We shouldn't think for a moment that this number was for the original purpose it is been met for. A time is coming that only those who are ready to accept their terms will be allowed to make transactions digitally and traditionally.

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