I Will Speak For Myself - Suarez Blasts Ex-Lawyer Comments About His Future

Isaiah Ozadhe Friday, August 28, 2020 Sport

Barcelona striker Louis Suarez has broken his silence to speak about rumours linking him with an exit from Camp Nou.
It is no longer news that Superstar forward Lionel Messi Has asked to terminate his contract with Barcelona. Following the revelation a lot of media outlet began to link Suarez with an exit given that he and Messi are best of friends. That led his ex-lawyer Alejandro Balbi to give his opinion in an interview with TYC Sports: “Messi's future will have an influence on Suarez's because they are best friends, they get along on and off the pitch, There is a lot of brotherly love between Messi and Suarez, they are inseparable, always together.” The ex-Liverpool striker has now fired back in a social media post: “There are people talking about me or on my behalf when I have not had a relationship with them for years,” Suarez said. “When I need to speak, I'll speak for myself.” It is left to be seen how events will turn out before the close of the transfer window

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