Diego Costa former Chelsea Striker Sentence to Six Months Prison

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Diego Costa former Chelsea Striker Sentence to Six Months Prison. Diego Costa the former popular Chelsea striker whose present contract with Aletico will expire in 2021 has been sentenced to six (6) months in jail for committing tax offences. But Diego Costa was given a chance to pay the sum of £32,000 fine to prevent him from going to jail.
Diego Costa former Chelsea Striker Sentence to Six Months Prison
Meanwhile, Diego Costa pleaded guilty to an offence which occurred during the season after he left Atletico Madrid to join Chelsea in 2014. According to Spain's report, Diego has been avoiding tax payment which amount to £980,000 by not declaring payments of around £4.6million. It was also said that Diego Costa have concealed image rights payments of around £890k. Spanish Tax Agency boldly said that they were defrauded out of tax by former Chelsea striker Diego Costa Costa and also charged him with a separate financial offence in the 2013 financial year.
Diego Costa former Chelsea Striker Sentence to Six Months Prison
Costa initially was denying the claims by Spanish Tax Agency but later reconsidered his firm stance and reached an agreement with Spanish authorities which was confirmed in court today being 04/06/2020. According to El Mundo Deportivo the Spanish outlet, Atletico was asked by the Spaniard to pay the fine owed by Diego Costa but in return, the club Atletico refused to comply with the suggestion by the Spaniard. Later on, the club (Atletico) said to have given Diego Costa an advance on his wages so he can be able to afford the payment. An Atletico spokesperson said on Wednesday: “Costa reached an agreement a few months ago with the prosecutor and has already paid the corresponding fine plus interest and the request for a prison sentence was withdrawn. “This week it is expected that agreement will be ratified in court, as is mandatory.” Normally, Diego Costa’s contract with Atletico was supposed to expire by 2021 but recent reports have suggested he would stay with Atletico the LaLiga giants until the end of the deal. Stay safe and stay tuned!

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