Barcelona President Refuses To Meet With Messi - Wants Full 624m Dollar Release Clause

Isaiah Ozadhe Saturday, August 29, 2020 Sport

Reports from the newspaper El Periódico de Catalunya based in Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain This morning claim that Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu has refused to meet with Messi in for discussions relating to his contract termination.
It is no longer news that Lionel Messi wants to terminate his contract with Spanish side and leave on a free following their embarrassing 8-2 defeat in the hands of Bayern Munich at the semifinals stage of the competition. A clause inserted in Messi's contract allows him to leave after the end of each season which is supposedly invalid after June - because a normal season would end in May. Barcelona's President is arguing that the June Clause has expired. He insists that Messi would only be allowed to leave if his full £624m release clause is paid. Messi's legal team on the other hand are arguing that the delay in making the decision is because the season extended even beyond June. They insist that the late end to the season duebto the coronavirus pandemic makes the clause still valid. It is left to be seen just how matters will turn out in the next few days.

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