What Are The Main Features Of Democracy In Nigeria?

JEROME MICHAEL EBRUPHIYO Tuesday, September 7, 2021 Politics

Democracy is a form of government in which the people have the authority to deliberate and decide legislation, or to choose governing officials to do so. This post will proffer solution to "What are the main features of democracy in Nigeria?" as well as provide answers to questions like: What are the five main feature of democracy? What are the 5 features of democracy Class 9? What are the three main features of democracy Class 6? What are the main features of democracy Class 10?

Main Features Of Democracy In Nigeria

1. Democracy is a system if government, where supreme powers lies with the people .

2. In democratic country , the power of the elected representatives would be supreme .

3. Democracy is based on equality and inclusiveness

4. Democracy requires free and fair election .

5. Democracy required respect for law and minority opinion .

6. Existence of the Constitution

7. Popular participation in politics

8. Legitimacy

9. Periodic election

10. Checks And Balances: The theory check and balances is an extension of the theory of separation of powers. It was propounded by Montesquieu in his book titled “The Spirit of the Laws“. According to research, Montesquieu’s theory of checks and balances is a principle of government under which separate branches are empowered to prevent actions by other branches and are induced to share power.

11. Existence of political parties

12. Equality before the law

##13. Fundamental human rights

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