Problems of Legislature in Nigeria and Possible Solutions

Nuelson Penuel Wednesday, June 29, 2022 Politics

Summary In this post you will learn about the definition of Legislature and the problems and solutions of legislative in Nigeria

Definition of Legislature

Legislature can be defined as a group of people appointed under a legalized body to stand in for the society as a whole in enacting laws that will be for the betterment and of great benefit to the society. You can simply define legislature as a set of people elected by the society at large to appear or act on behalf of them in enacting laws that will be for the well-being of the society. Having defined what legislature is above, majority of the people are still marveled at how this group of people who were appointed to work and represent the voice of the society at large is doing otherwise. The Legislature has been unable to perform her roles due to the reasons stated below:

Problems of Legislature in Nigeria

1. Lack of Enablement and Experience: In Nigeria credential or your ability to perform is required to attain success in life, instead connection is all you seek even when you know that you lack the knowledge or experience and enablement working in all arms of government. 2. Bad Impressions: Due to the bad Impressions the legislature has portrayed about themselves to Nigerians. Legislature has become a body of disappointment and selfishness to Nigerians because they no longer perform their functions or roles that is expected of them which is to demonstrate the need of the society at large through enacting of law. 3. Poor Judgement: The rate at which the identity and reputation of the bad eggs amongst the legislative members and senators who were apprehended in the act of corruption are quietly concealed because of power is really a thing of thought and questionable. Poor Judgement has been a normalcy in Nigeria government because action is no longer taken on the corrupt ones. 4. Lack of Conferences: The absence of a medium whereby the people at large can voice out or communicate directly their need to the government is bad. This indicates that the Nigerian government understands little of the legislative procedures or decided to pay deaf ears to it. 5. Lack of Proper Processes of Enacting law: The situation whereby legislature are being swapped anyhow and people who are not capable nor have little or no experience are now the ones enacting law can cause problem in the process of law making. Also, a situation where the leader is practicing a one man rulership by single handedly enacting law at will also impose problem in the process of law making.

Solution to the Problems of Legislature in Nigeria

With the list of problems outlined above, the legislative system in Nigeria can still make a change to restore the system to normalcy. The fact still remains that the legislative system in Nigeria has not completely failed but needs proper amendment. With the solutions provided below if taken into consideration and act accordingly Nigerian government will be able to restore normalcy and adequacy back to the legislative system in Nigeria. 1. Experienced and Potential Legislative Members: The appointment or election of legislative members should not depend on their personality, tribe and religious beliefs but their experience, their contribution to the growth of the society and their potentials. 2. Portray Good Image: The legislature should endeavour to portray positive attitude towards selfless service. They should work selflessly and tirelessly for the people they are representing. They should make sure that the will of the people who elect them be expressed and put into action. 3. Proper Apprehension of the Corrupt Legislative Members: In order for the government to prevent legislators from misbehaving or acting contrary to the rules guiding them, offenders should be made to face the panel and pay huge penalties for their heinous crimes. 4. Setting up Conferences: Conferences shouldn't be set-up only at the national level, the state as well as the local government levels should be included to promote a better leadership. The will of the people should be heard by the government by presenting their will in the form of law making. 5. Adequate Processes for Enacting Law: Proper Processes should be followed when making law, old laws should not be abandoned or written off at will and new laws should not be made without following due processes of law making. New laws should be carefully screened before enacting them while old law can be brought back if necessary by the legislators if they discovered that the old law will be for the betterment of the society.

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So educative

Adepoju Joy > Monday, October 2, 2023
It also use for projects work
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We are glad that it helps you, Joy.

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