Top 7 Major Functions of Judiciary in Nigeria

Otekpo Emmanuel Saturday, June 11, 2022 Politics

Introduction In this post, you will learn about the 7 major functions of the Judiciary in Nigeria. Some of the major functions of judiciary are : 1. Laws Interpretation Most times, the attention of the judges are brought into cases where the law is not clear or the laws are silent. In such cases, the judges have to use their own instincts to give make decisions considered to be favourable. Furthermore, the decisions taken by Judges will be applicable to similar cases in the future hence interpreted by the court in an indirect manner. 2. Protection of the Humans' Civil Rights There are some privilege and rights that every citizen of a country are entitled to enjoyed. These rights are made available for the country's citizens through the parliament law. It is the duty and obligation of the Judiciary that these citizens rights are protected against all odds such as oppression and intimidation. 3. Taking Decisions in Cases Disputes between the government or between the citizens are brought to court for settlement. Why in court, it is the sole duty of the judges to decide the outcome of the case after hearing from both sides. 4. Custodian/Caretaker of Fundamental Human Rights In our modern society, most countries have dim it fit to grant fundamental rights to the citizens and these rights are under the care of the supreme courts. However, most countries also make a law that should any citizen violates any of the country's rules, such citizen's fundamental rights should be withdraw. But if such citizen realize his mistake and make an appeal either in supreme court or high court, the fundamental rights custodian (supreme court) ensures that the victim's rights are fully restored and protected. 5. Protection of the Constitution The judiciary is considered as the most important organ of the three arms of government because of the role they played in the protection of the constitution. They stands the ground that the constitution is the highest law of the country and should supercede any law passed by the congress that violates any of the constitutional laws as well as rendering such law void. 6. Resolve Jurisdiction Conflicts between Center and State Governments The federal constitution shares it's power between the state and center government. Based on the fact that there is division of power between these two, possibility of disputes between them is ascertain. Therefore, the supreme court is vested with the right of settling any disputes that arises between the center and state governments. 7. Serves as Advisors Knowing fully well that the judiciary office is occupied by people with learned and skilled personalities, presidents and other great political personalities always go to them for advice on legal issues. Conclusion The judiciary arm of government is the eye of the society. They ensure that laws are well interpreted in any case that may arise. They also ensures that the interpreted law is apply to the fullest. They are also vested with the authority of ordering the executive to obey their decision as well as summon anyone to court no matter the personality. In one sentence, they practiced no one is above the law.

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