What Are The Functions Of The State Government In Nigeria?

JEROME MICHAEL EBRUPHIYO Monday, September 6, 2021 Politics

The State Government which is one of the three levels of Government in Nigeria oversees the affairs of the State internally and externally. This post will provide a solution to the problem: What are the functions of the State government in Nigeria? and also provide answers to questions like: What are the main functions of state governments? What are the five functions of state government? What are the roles of state government in Nigeria? What are some functions of the state?

1. Security of Lives and Properties

Security of lives and properties is one of the primary functions of the state government of Nigeria. The government is expected to use the tax payer’s money to fund the various security agencies and allocated funds of security votes in order to assist them in carrying out their statutory duties.

2. Provision of Basic Amenities

The state government provides amenities like electricity, water supply etc in order to complement the efforts of the federal government, the state government can also complement the efforts of government at the federal.

3. Creating Environment for Businesses to Thrive

The state government creates good and friendly business environment that will encourage small, medium and large scale business to flourish.

4. Establishment of Educational Institutions

The state government also establishes educational institutions such as primary schools, secondary schools, technical schools and tertiary institutions like colleges of education, polytechnics and universities.

5. Establishment of Health Care Facilities

They provide quality and affordable healthcare facilities for the people in the state.

6. Generation of Revenue

The State governments generates revenue from within their territory.


We have private individuals providing for most of their personal security and basic amenities. Businesses are being stifled by difficult operating environment and aggressive tax schemes, government health and educational institutions are mostly in deplorable states there should be some amendments.

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