What Are The Functions Of The Local Government In Nigeria?

JEROME MICHAEL EBRUPHIYO Monday, September 6, 2021 Politics

This post will provide solutions on: "What are the functions of the Local government in Nigeria? as well as provide answers to questions like: What are the functions of local government? What are the five main responsibilities of the local government? What are the 3 functions of local government? what are the three levels of government?

1. Control and Provision of Markets and Motor Packs

One of the function of the Local government is to provide and control markets and good motor packs.

2. Collection and Disposition of Refuse

The local government collects and dispose refuse in the community.

3. Making Recommendations

The Local government is responsible for making recommendation to state/federal government on issues and problems of rural communities that cannot be solved by the local government.

4. Provision and Control of Cemeteries and Slaughter House

with local government, rules are given on how the local people use cemeteries and slaughter houses. This brings about development in the nation and makes the local government to be more organized.

5. Regulation and Issuing of Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates

6. They issue and regulate various types of licenses

The Local government issues all kinds of licenses; such as: drivers license, gun ownership licenses and so on.

7. Naming of Streets

The local government is responsible for the naming of streets in order to bring development to the rural area.

8. Collection of various rates and taxes

9. Building and maintaining of schools and colleges

It the duty of the local government to provide and maintain primary, adult and vocational education.

10. Awarding of bursaries and scholarships

11. Control of public housing, town and house planning

12. Provisions of health facilities

13. Provisions of public libraries

14. Provisions of pipe borne water and other public institutions

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