What Are The Advantages Of Democracy Rule Over Military Rule In Nigeria?

JEROME MICHAEL EBRUPHIYO Tuesday, September 7, 2021 Politics

This post will provide solution to "What are the advantages of democracy rule over military rule in Nigeria? as well as provide answers to questions like: Why democratic government is better than other government? How is democracy different from monarchy military rule? What is democracy rule? What is the meaning of military rule?

What Is Democracy Rule?

Democracy rule is a situation or a system of government whereby the people are believed to have power in there hands, and people decide how to rule the country.

What Is Military Rule?

Military rule is political regime when the power is concentrated in the hands of the military as an organization. It is believed to be one of the types of the authoritarian regime.

What Are The Main Features Of Military Rule?

  • The concentration of power is in the hands of the military ruler
  • Significant limitation or complete absence of democratic rights and freedoms
  • Willful violation of constitutional proclamation of rights and freedoms in the pretext of restoring and maintaining order in the country
  • The military government can resort to weapons for resolving any conflict
  • People lose any right to express their opinion and have to suffer under the pressure of armed people
  • The military rule includes severe discipline, that factually “destroys” corruption and bureaucracy

Advantages Of Democracy Rule Over Military Rule In Nigeria

  • Democracy rule helps to implement the social and political system in a society with constantly changing living conditions without revolutionary explosions and upheavals but the military rule annuls such efforts
  • Democracy rule is stable
  • Democracy rule promotes the idea of national identity, of national pride, while military rule destroys it
  • Government is stable in a democratic state. But in the military rule, the government is not stable

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