Overview of the Judiciary System of Government in Nigeria, United States and United Kingdom

Otekpo Emmanuel Monday, June 13, 2022 Politics

The judicial arm of government simply means the court system of a country. The Judiciaries are the government's bodies responsible for interpretation and and application of laws guiding a country in cases and disputes. They are also given the power and authority to bring down unconstitutional laws.

The Judiciary System in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the judiciary is the third in the three arms of government. The judiciary adjudicate in cases arising between citizens, corporate, governments and entities in their inter-relationships with one another within or outside the country in accordance with the law. They are also vested with the power of overriding any act of unconstitutional conduct exercised either by government or individuals. This government body is headed by the supreme court and it is the only court that the last appeal matters can arise.

The Judiciary System in United States

In United States, the judicial arm of government is headed by the Supreme Court in conjunction with other lower courts of appeal and district courts. The highest court of appeal in the United States is the Supreme Court and it is vested with power and authority to overrule any unconstitutional acts exhibited by the congress. It is only through this avenue the judiciary checkmate the power of the legislative arm of government in the United States.

The Judiciary System in United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, the judiciary have less power compared to the legislative arm of government and doesn't have the authority to deem Acts of Parliament unlawful due to the fact that the UK has an unwritten constitution which operates under the basic principle of parliamentary sovereignty.

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