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The purpose of this study is to identify or suggest ways by which waste can be effectively managed with regard to time distance and cost. This study has also shown the waste management is an involving process that requires great attention study skill and financial to manage one important requirement for successful management of waste is general and adequate awareness because persons generating waste, are vital in their successful disposal. So public education programme and project in this direction should be governmental and even non-government activities. We suggest abroad and sustain public enlightenment programme toward awareness of the goals and benefits of goods management of waste. Waste management is a multi stage process, taking advantage of several processes can be undertaken simultaneous to the advantage of the time and cost. Therefore local industries within Delta Urban should be educated or enlightened on the benefits or economic advance in engaging in waste recycling process like plastics, aluminum and steal industries among others. As this will serve as a source of raw materials, cost advantage and efficient utilization of materials. For effective administration a good from one point to another. We also suggest that refuse station should be constructed near the heart of the collection area to minimize distance, cost and time. I recommend that government should against seminars for DELSEPA staff, completion and cleanliness between towns or cities.


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