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The study is to identify conflicts in organization, causes, effect and management. Conflict is a serious disagreement between two parties. It can also exist between manager and employees. The method used in data collection is primary source which is the questionnaire. In this case of this research which is time and money consuming the researcher decided to choose 80 staff of the organization and the sample for the study. Also the sample random technique was used to enhance the distribution of the survey instrument. The summary of the result and findings from the presentation, analysis and interpretation of data can be presented as follows: conflict in the company make workers to withdraw their commitment with the company , greater number of respondent agreed that people who are negatively affected by the conflict situation tends to be frustrated with their works. It is hereby concluded that manifestation of conflict is inevitable in rank and file of every organization today. Rather than total acceptance or suppression of conflict, managers should accept inevitability and recognize those reactions that interfere with the attainment of organizational goals. Base on the results and findings of the study, we recommend that awareness be created of the existence of conflict in their establishment rather than enable the management to identify the challenges and resolve them. Conflicts that are within the organization are areas that require tremendous care because of their effect on the organization in general. The managerial role is to manage conflict effectively. In conclusion, therefore, it is of significance to note that conflicts in organization may be either functional or dysfunctional to the achievement of the organizational goals. Based on the results and findings for this study, conflict resolution techniques should be adopted when resolving conflicts case that dysfunctional ones be eliminated while harnessing the functional ones. Such resolution techniques include establishing arbitration panel using promise and setting super-ordinate goal for members of the conflicting parties. Another area of future research study is to identify the views and why most managers try to eliminate both functional and dysfunctional conflicts in their organization.


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