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Industrial organizations who produces (s) goods or services have to liaise to the public through public message Newspaper. This ensures patronage from the customers. For this task to be carried out it needs then help of a Public Relation Practitioner who systematically design a way to make mutual relationship between the people- customer and the organization. The researcher therefore, deemed it necessary to delve into the use of public relation in business management chosen Newspaper. A review of previous literacy works in similar topic were carried out, at the end which assumptions were made in terms of research questionnaire drafted to aid the surveying of the primary data. The survey was designed to cover the five division of Newspaper. The total of four hundred (400) questionnaires were distributed as follows the MD’s division one hundred (100) marketing division one hundred (100). Controlling and finance ninety (90) personal division ten (10) and technical division one hundred (100). Actual response data of three hundred and twenty three (323) and sample size of 64.6% was information(s) collected were analyzed in tabular presentation and other statistical forms of analysis adopted. The result revealed that public relation is an important tool in business promotion. It was also noted that most industrial companies make more use of public relation than government parastatals or other establishment. Another revelation was that any organization which recognizes public relation as a profession is more likely to employ professionally experience public relation to handle public affairs. Finally, these result suggest, that public relation practitioners be equipped with adequate professional training and exposure to practical cases so as to better equip the in handling their duty to enhance business growth. More so the work after going through it is an avenue to those who have not establish public relation department to do so and reap the fruit that comes out of it that is business profitability growth and development.


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