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The management accountant is identified as one of the key officers in the accounting department of any manufacturing company. He has the duty of providing the required professional information reroute to achieving the organization goal. Some of his functions include planning and controlling activities formulation of strategy decision taking optimizing the use of resources etc. In his planning function he quantifies and interpreters the effect of planned transaction and other economic event of the organization. The management accountant by virtue of his duties participants indirectly in the management process. This research work aims to bring to the knowledge of its user the role the management accountant plays in the achievement of the goal of every manufacturing outfit which is profit maximization. The work is organized in five chapters, chapter one is the introductory. Part which include the background of the study statement of problems significance scope and limitation of the study. Chapter two is the literature review this is where the pinions of various authors in related subjects are reviewed. Chapter three deal with the research design and methodology. This could be seem as a framework or a plan that is used in collecting analyzing the data for the study. It reveals the sources of the data the sample used and the method of investigation. In chapter four the data are being presented and analyzed the hypotheses stated were adequately tested and decision taken. Finally in the fifth chapter the finding of the research work is disclosed and recommendations and suggestions are given for the benefit of the user.


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