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In all business enterprise the need for effective management of organizational policies and procedures in very important and can never be over emphasized and to achieve this goal target and objective it is beckoned on the design of managers who do not sit there as a ceremonial heads rather they house role of implanting the organic functions of management in today’s dynamic and competitive business environment in Nigeria. His works is design to expose and aid the serious minded managers to be adequately equipped to the challenges a head as future management practitioners in business. And when adequate implementation of policies and procedure is not there business world will be greatly affected. In generating data needed to achieve the objective of this study crosses-sectional survey was used. Questionnaires was used as he major instrument for primary data collection. To broaden the researcher’s depth of knowledge in the study area the research embarks on review of related literature with data drawn from secondary sources. Data generated in the study was presented on frequency tables and analyzed using simple percentage while the hypothesis were tested with chi -square (x2). It was found at the and of the research work that most organization cannot get the best out of their workers or reach to their option goal target and objective because of from management of organizational policies and procedure in Nigeria business workers are not allowed to join in decision making that concerns them. From the findings existence of these policies and procedures in one things awareness and utilization management on the part of the employee because another things and if not taken care of it will greatly affect the whole things as for as business is concern. Some of the policies and procedure are not in time with survival of the fittest in the banking industry changes in technology necessitate changes in policies. Finally the need fore effective management of organizational policies and procedure most be more sensitive to customers and also in order to up grade the workforce with exquisite training and motivation which is the main target.


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