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The reason for this research report was borne out of the impart offered to the issue of corporate social responsibility a must to Nigeria business organization a case study of Guiness Plc. However, little do we wonder how an object is used up especially farming implement without being oiled or cleaned for the operation of another farming functions should any business exist without meticulous oiling and cleaning per se, it would drastically reduce the function of the organization. Hence the injection that “you cannot rob peter in order to pay Paul is potent at this case. To solve the research problem both primary and secondary data collected tables, frequencies and percentages were used. The various hypothesis were tested using the chi-square. Data analysis and interpretation gave the following findings: 1. It was established in the course of this study that business organization serve several and varied interest groups which management must make in an attempt to strike a balance between profit maximization and the issue of corporate social responsibility. However, they have conflicting objective, because each of them deserve the maximum compensation for its contribution. 2. The conflicting objective were taken care by the company’s quality control department ensures that quality goods are produced and to customers, if the produce found defective customer could be refunded. 3. The people in Benin community believed that the activities of the company have contribute to the improvement in their living standard and welfare and general well being of people. 4. The development charges paid by Guniness Nigeria Plc workers and the heavy rate paid by the company go towards enriching their treasury. 5. Offers employment to the Benin community. Based on the findings the researcher recommended that: 1. The government should promulgate and enforce a law or decree which makes it compulsory for all business organization to be socially responsible for the development of the communities in which the operate. 2. A community Development Trust Fund should be set up the government for annual or morality financial contribution by business organization. 3. Reward should be given to companies which engage operation. 4. Guiness Nigeria Plc should increase the percentage of their annual turnover put aside for public reaction from 1% to 2 ½% The conclusion of the study is that for any business coronation to strive a long run they should embark on corporate social responsibility of an area.


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