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This research was carried out assess the impact of Staff discipline as an important tools employed by corporate managers in organizations to achieve their corporate objectives and goals with Guinness Nigeria Plc as a case study. In the course of this research, a background information staff discipline and its relevance on employees’ productivities was highlighted. Guinness Nigeria plc was chosen as case study because its history cut across both Nigeria and beyond. The research also established a relationship between staff discipline and employee’s productivity. Data for this research was sourced from both primary (administration of questionnaire and personal interview) and secondary data (textbooks, newspaper and other publications). Analysis of data was carried out using both percentage and chi-square x2 statistical tools. The outcome of data analysis revealed that staff discipline influences employees’ productivity. It also shows that discipline has a positive impact on staff performance. The researchers recommended among others, that Management should also put in place information strategies which allowance for flexibility with a view of responding to the various environmental and situation changes, which subsequently have been hindering the company’s achievement of its objectives and goals.


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