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When an organization sends its worker on training, it hopes that the employees acquire skills and techniques that will be used to increase the productivity of the organization. In this study, we attempted to find out whether this objectives is ever realized and the factor that contributes to this achievement or non – achievement and for this purpose of study. We have chosen a case study of some selected banks in Ibusa, delta state. From which we hand our sample size of fifty employees in five banks using a cross – sectional descriptive research design and the technique of data analysis was a simple percentage and simple description was a simple percentage and simple description was used. And on the limitation of this study the researcher was faced with some problems, which are in two main categories namely, the human and time factors in the human factor, the researcher had some discouraging experience from the respondents and in the time factors was that the duration period between the start period of the study and the ending period of the summation of the study was short and also the financial aspect was also another problem that the researcher experience in which they said another problem that the research experience, in which they said was the reason why they could not go round the city and more banks. In the summary of finding the research found out that data collected and analyzed was that staff training is relevant to the job performance of employee in any organization in the state and the word at large. In the conclusion, the researcher believed that the relevance of staff training in an organization centered on the performance of the employee in order to increase employees productivity and also in the conclusion the researcher concluded that no organizations can do well without proper training of its staff. In the recommendation, recommended that there is need to improve on the level of staff training and development on the organizational productivity, in the banking industry in Ibusa, delta state and in other organization, in order to enhance their performance. The following areas were suggested for further studies (a). Improving Staff training and employee performance. (b). Investing on staff training and employees performance to improve organizational productivity


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