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A good corporate image usually regards to be essential for the existence of an organization. The success or failure of a co-operation (PHCN) for example depends on its relationship with its special public customers, consumers, employees, shareholders, government, community distributors, retailer, supplier and wholesales. A corporate image creates confidence in the mind of organization and its publics. It is as a result of what tool management should employ in order to develop and or maintain a good corporate image, which led to researcher to the choice of the research topic. The role of public relations as a management tool for corporate image development” case study of PHCN Plc Ozoro lack of good corporate image by many corporate bodies and the problem created by organizations poor relationships with its public necessitated the statement of research problem. What is the corporate image of this organization? What is the state of attitude beliefs or their special publics towards them? The objectives of the study are to know whether or not public relations is being used to achieve corporate identity/image to find out whether or otherwise PHCN is aware of public relations impact and responsibilities and find out whether the public image of PHCN is negative or not. The study will bring to light the need for an organization to maintain or developed good public image, it will serve as a stepping stone for both students and future researchers on corporate image development also the study will expose to government and other business owners the need to increase statutory allocation of public corporation for public relation. For the purpose of reliability and convenience the study covered only the Ozoro territorial headquarter of PHCN, Plc and other public corporation. However, the same limiting factor during the study, thee include time constraint, financial constraints death of enough already published literature on the research topic lack of defined population of public corporations and companies in Ozoro urban and inevitable conformists among the sample population. During the study some research questions were put, what cause the negative image of PHCN and these other organizations. How could the poor image problem of these organizations be redeemed? Can public relations help in improving the negative corporate image of this organization base on the identified research hypothesis viz; constant power failure and rationing cause PHCN’ negative image and the society contribute to PHCN’s problem. Chi-square was used in testing the null hypothesis against the alternated hypothesis. In order to have an in-dept study of the work related literature directly and indirectly were reviewed systematically and accordingly. To achieve this their public relations departments and internal public of the organization should adequately remunerated.


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