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The greatest requirement of the Union Bank Plc Garden Avenue Enugu is a qualitative personnel or manpower. This human resources requirement is inevitable if the bank is to meet banking in a fast developing country like Nigeria. In order to be able to perform his duty effectively and optimally the need for professionalism in the banking system is very paramount and cannot be over emphasized. To achieve this well trained and stalled manpower is required. In view of this fact the Union Bank authoirt has embarked on a number of in-service training programme for the officers and other Gardners of staff of the Union Banks to ensure that the goods and aspiration of the Bank are realized to highlight the significance of these in-service training this project has therefore set out that is can be at best provide a basic framework upon which the Union Bank can develop the manpower needed for efficient and effective performance. The main finding unveiled the fact that problems abound which many impede the implementation of a successful in-service training programme while development of a successful in-service training programme on productivity was revealed in course of the investigation. Also, it has been deduced that some companies or banks do not adequately utilize the in-service training programme as it has not been seen to improve the efficiently and intelligence of workers sometimes due to the banks inability to find the in-service training programme the banks fail to provide adequate fund which will serve as sure way of promoting excellence and the derived knowledge that will bring about the efficiency of discouraged above. Based on my findings the following recommendations are made: i Qualified teachers should be posted to financial institution so that meaningful achievement won’t be made for a better in-service training scheme. ii Training should be given sufficient food allowance which is the basic requirement for the physical body. iii Dedicated and committed office should be posted as a teaching staff of the institution. iv Adequate teaching aids should be provide to the teacher to enhance their classroom teaching. v Trainees should be paid their traveling course allowance to motivate them to attend in-service training programme. vi The nominations of trainee should be based on merit and not indiscriminate to ensure that only officers who are willing to progress in the bank are given the opportunity to attend in-service training programme. vii Experts and those who are technically skilled in the field of teaching and learning should be to prepare the intricate time table for rational scheme. Finally, the Union Bank authority should provide adequate facilities and equipment to enable the institution to up-grade the service it renders.


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