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The Impact of Apprenticeship on the Development of Manpower Needs in Nigeria” underscores greater number of points which needed to be grasped. In reality, during this work, a look is taken to correct bad impression and misconception problem that apprenticeship programme is meant for the illiterates. It is against this background that extensive discussion is made on the formal apprenticeship system. The in-plant or in-house training programme is a worthwhile venture which almost every company and institution embark upon so as to meet the new demands, new problems and new challenges. Also, on-the-job training. A conjectural hypothesis is also formulated to identify, ascertain and analyse research problems and means devised to test it is Chi-square which determines the association between nominal variables. Meanwhile, the research approach or method investigation applied is face to face interaction with the personalities concerned that is through interviews, instrument used is structured questionnaire and this is made possible by a letter of introduction from the Head of Department. On the other hand, the major findings are based on the fact that theory and practice are indispensable. The two must go hand in hand to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. The major purpose of training and development do cause a change in employee, trainee or apprentice behaviour on job and ultimately improves the effectiveness of the organization / company / institution. Growth and individual career objectives are achieved through effective training and apprentice can therefore reach their potentials without much ado. On a very serious note, Nigeria government should restructure the curriculum of the apprenticeship system through some of its programmes. National Manpower Board (NMB) should be reactivated and allowed to fully utilize its responsibilities. Then the final research report is highly formalized and cuts across every sphere of ones life

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