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The aim of this project work is to examine the effect of material management on the petroleum sector with a particular to Warri Refinery and Petrochemical Limited Warri, the project starts with the introduction of the subject matter that is material management. It must be borne in mind that the continuous existence of any organization be it private or public is based among others on the efficiency supply of material and the provision of effective services in the organization. The historical background of the organization and general problem confronting material management were highlighted which are constant interference into purchasing activities from various quarters and also improper planning in the area of material acquisition purchase and issues to the users department contributed to the effectives of the purchasing functions. It also reviews the contribution of various authors on the material management. Finally some recommendations were made by the researcher and if well implemented will help to increase productivity and improve the efficiency of organization in our country (Nigeria). Some of these recommendations are; (i) it was recommended amongst all that more attention should be paid by the management during period of raw materials delivery. (ii) It was recommended amongst all that adequate storage equipment should be provided in the store department.


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