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The research project was undertaken to investigate the effect of succession management on organizations growth. The survey method was employ in the course of this research and the data collected were analyzed using the pearman product moment correlation coefficient and the t-test statistical tool. It was revealed that there is a significant relationship between succession management and organizations growth, and further revealed that succession management help in reduction in employee’s turnover rate and retaining best talent in an organization, and also help in seamless transition in organization’s leadership which means stability and continuity. Consequence upon the above findings It was concluded that Succession management is vivacious to organizational growth and it is imperative to any organization that desire growth and establishment, and it is never a one off exercise but a long-term process that involved so many endeavours that when effectively implemented save the organizations from the risk of human capital or leadership gap, it also involve employee motivation this coupled with effective training and development leads to reduction in employee’s turnover rate and retaining best talent in an organization to ensure a viable crop of employee for the organization leading to increase productivity. But the absence of succession management or when it is not properly implemented result in wastes of organization resources. Based on these findings, it was recommended that Managers especially Human resources managers need to uphold succession management programs in the organization and allocate enough resources for its successful implementation and consider succession planning as part of their responsibilities in other to ensure effectiveness and efficiency, Employee training, development and motivation should be enshrined into succession management in other to retain best talent and discourage high employee turnover rate. The process should be fair and transparent in other words succession should be void of favouritism and nepotism but should be based on merit and qualifications in other curtail undue political influence on succession.


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